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Do chipmunks eat tomatoes

Sustainable Lifestyle

Do Chipmunks Eat Tomatoes? – 7 Ways to Protect Tomatoes from Chipmunks

So you’ve just found several half-eaten tomatoes in your garden. My dear gardening friends, in my experience, this is most likely the work of a … Read more

sustainability tips for college students

Sustainable Lifestyle

12 Sustainability Tips for College Students

There are dozens of ways to reduce the carbon print and have a greener lifestyle. In this blog post, I will share the best sustainability … Read more

washing machine leaking from the bottom - quick fix

Sustainable Lifestyle

Washing Machine Leaking From the Bottom (QUICK Fix)

A washing machine leaking from the bottom can be a frustrating and potentially costly problem. Not only does it create a mess, but it can … Read more

best rv solar panels

Green Technology

Best RV Solar Panels for 2023

As an RV owner, engineer, and sustainable development advocate, I believe that RV solar panels are a game changer for RVers. That’s why I decided … Read more

solar panels for sailboats

Green Technology

Solar Panels For Sailboats GUIDE: Efficiency, Affordability, Reliability

Ahoy there, sailors! So, you’ve decided to take the plunge with solar panels for sailboats. Congratulations, you’re about to embark on an environmentally conscious and … Read more

what is e-waste and what can be done about it


What is E-Waste and What Can Be Done About It?

Nowadays, it is difficult to envision a world without such a vast array of electronics that, unfortunately, are destined to become e-waste. Smartphones, laptops, wireless … Read more

does grass produce oxygen


Does Grass Produce Oxygen? (and VS Trees?)

As a sustainability and environmentally conscious advocate, I was often pondering: does grass produce oxygen? How much oxygen can grass produce? I did some research … Read more

do birds eat tomatoes - and how to protect your plants

Sustainable Lifestyle

Do Birds Eat Tomatoes? (and How to PROTECT Your Plants)

As a sustainability advocate and avid gardener, I know how frustrating it could be to find your tomatoes partially eaten. Do birds eat tomatoes? Unfortunately, … Read more

are hybrid cars worth it

Green Technology

Are Hybrid Cars Worth It in 2023? A Comprehensive Guide

Thinking about getting a new car but not sure which one to invest in? Why not consider going for a hybrid? Now I know what … Read more

recyclable cardboard

Sustainable Lifestyle

Recyclable Cardboard: What Can & Cannot Be Recycled 2023

As a sustainability advocate, I can’t stress enough how important recyclable cardboard and paper are for our efforts toward a greener future, sustainable business practices, … Read more

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