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is spring water good for you

Sustainable Lifestyle

Is Spring Water Good For You? (COMPARING Drinking Water Types)

As an advocate for sustainable living, I often find myself pondering over the products we consume and their effect on our bodies and environment. One … Read more

do teslas use gas

Green Technology

Do Teslas Use Gas? Here’s The ANSWER [2023]

Do Teslas Use Gas – Tesla car

do hybrid cars use gas

Green Technology

Do Hybrid Cars Use Gas? (and How MUCH) [2023]

Hybrid cars are the perfect combination of fuel efficiency and power. They are definitely the talk of the town when it comes to eco-friendliness and … Read more

do hybrid cars save money

Green Technology

Do Hybrid Cars SAVE Money in 2023? (and How MUCH?)

If you are you wondering: “Do hybrid cars really save money?” Well, you are not alone! The truth is that there are many factors to … Read more

pros and cons of electric cars

Green Technology

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars 2023 (Unspoken Truths)

Pros and cons of electric cars can be hard to understand at first, but, don’t worry, I’m here to help you! As an engineer with … Read more

distilled water vs tap water

Sustainable Lifestyle

Distilled Water vs Tap Water: Which is the Healthier Choice?

Water, water, everywhere, but which is the best to drink? Is it the humble tap or the refined and pure distilled water? Let’s dive in … Read more

do electric cars have alternators

Green Technology

Do Electric Cars Have Alternators? The TRUTH Explained!

As an engineer with over 15 years of experience in the automotive sector, I’m well-versed in the nuances of electric vehicles. One question that many … Read more

distilled vs spring water

Sustainable Lifestyle

Distilled vs Spring Water (What’s the Difference & Which is Better)

Distilled vs spring water makes for an interesting debate. Knowing the key differences will help you decide which type of water is best for your … Read more

purified vs spring water pros and cons

Sustainable Lifestyle

Purified vs Spring Water: Pros & Cons (and Better Choice)

Some time ago I got curious about what’s the difference between purified vs spring water. After researching both options, I’m here to share my insights … Read more

Best Shampoos without dmdm hydantoin

Sustainable Lifestyle

13 Best Shampoos Without DMDM Hydantoin for HEALTHY Hair!

Did you know that common shampoos may contain toxic chemicals? That’s why I recommend avoiding hair care products that contain preservatives like Dimethylol dimethyl (DMDM) … Read more

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