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best vegan burgers - tasting like beef, chicken, salmon

Sustainable Lifestyle

10 Best Vegan Burgers 2023 (TASTE like Beef, Chicken & Salmon – Plant-Based)

Being passionate about sustainability, I have been exploring the various options to find the best meatless burger, all plant-based. The key to finding the best … Read more

garbage disposal not working - humming - no sound - reset - clogged - leaking

Sustainable Lifestyle

Garbage Disposal Not Working (7 Quick FIXES): Humming, No Sound, Reset, Clogged, Leaking

Garbage disposal not working? As an engineer passionate about the 6 Rs of sustainability, I always attempt to repair appliances before eventually replacing them. A … Read more

Water Distiller vs Reverse Osmosis

Sustainable Lifestyle

Water Distiller vs Reverse Osmosis – Which is BETTER?

I’m constantly seeking out ways to live a greener lifestyle. One aspect of eco-living that often goes overlooked is water purification: though many of us … Read more

Water Distiller vs Water Filter

Sustainable Lifestyle

Water Distiller vs Water Filter: Which is the Best for Drinking Water?

Being passionate about sustainable living, and having an eco-friendly way to get drinking water is essential. So, water distiller vs water filter, which is best? … Read more

do Teslas have engines

Green Technology

Do Teslas Have Engines? (the ANSWER)

As an engineer and green tech advocate, I often come across questions regarding the truth behind electric vehicles. A common one asked by people new … Read more

is spring water good for you

Sustainable Lifestyle

Is Spring Water Good For You? (Spring, Mineral, Purified, Distilled & Tap COMPARED)

As an advocate for sustainable living, I often find myself pondering over the products we consume and their effect on our bodies and environment. One … Read more

do teslas use gas

Green Technology

Do Teslas Use Gas? Here’s The ANSWER

Do Teslas Use Gas – Tesla car

do hybrid cars use gas

Green Technology

Do Hybrid Cars Use Gas? Find it out HERE

Hybrid cars are the perfect combination of fuel efficiency and power. They are definitely the talk of the town when it comes to eco-friendliness and … Read more

do hybrid cars save money

Green Technology

Do Hybrid Cars SAVE Money? (Get the TRUTH Here!)

Are you wondering if hybrid cars can really save you money? Well, you are not alone! The truth is that there are many factors to … Read more

pros and cons of electric cars

Green Technology

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars (WORTH the Price?)

As an engineer with over a decade of experience working for the world’s best auto manufacturers, I have closely followed the growth of electric vehicles … Read more

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