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Introduction to ESG metrics


Introduction To ESG Metrics and Analysis

How can you really determine the sustainability of your business? This is where the ESG metrics for sustainability come in place. ESG metrics are used … Read more

Does cruise control save gas

Sustainable Lifestyle

Does Cruise Control SAVE Gas? (and what to AVOID)

Following the increasing prices of gas, most people are adopting simple measures to save on fuel. For this reason, I’ve been asked more and more … Read more

how can blockchain be used to support sustainable business practices

Green Technology

How Can Blockchain Be Used To Support Sustainable Business Practices? 2023

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are using a shared database technology called the blockchain. This technology is going to disrupt many businesses and industries in … Read more

Sustainable business practices


Sustainable Business Practices (Definition & 12 EXAMPLES)

Our planet is not in good shape: we are currently using the resources of 1.5 planets, and even more than this if we consider European … Read more

how can edge computing be used to improve sustainability

Green Technology

How Can Edge Computing Be Used To Improve Sustainability?

Edge computing is a term used to describe the use of decentralized computation devices at the periphery of the network. Edge devices are those that … Read more

emotional sustainability


Emotional Sustainability EXPLAINED

You have most probably heard the saying that “happiness comes from within.” In other words, happiness comes from inside you; you just have to dig … Read more

why is open pit mining so devastating to the environment


Why Is Open Pit Mining So Devastating To The Environment?

If there is an activity that can significantly improve the economic sustainability of a country, it’s mining. Mining creates thousands of job opportunities, provides raw … Read more

Human sustainability


Human Sustainability EXPLAINED

We all want to live good lives, safely co-existing on the planet for as long as possible, even forever. Yet, this dream can only come … Read more

Do deer eat tomatoes

Sustainable Lifestyle

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes? 11 Ways to PROTECT your Plants

Deer are beautiful animals to watch, but they can wreak havoc on gardens and farm fields. Many people are asking me: do deer eat tomatoes? … Read more

The 3 E's of Sustainability


The 3 E’s Of Sustainability EXPLAINED

I’m often asked, what do you mean by sustainability? While there are many definitions available such as the one from Brundtland: “Meeting the needs of … Read more

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