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Solar Boats - Electric Yachts Catamarans

Green Technology

10 Luxury SOLAR Boats 2022 | Electric Yachts & Catamarans

With more steps being taken towards sustainable development, new, eco-friendly solar boats have been introduced in the world of green travel: solar electric yachts.  Solar … Read more

Cultural Sustainability


Cultural Sustainability EXPLAINED

Cultural sustainability is an important issue that often gets overlooked. It refers to the idea of preserving and sustaining traditional cultures in the face of … Read more

questions to ask a solar company

Green Technology

10 Questions to Ask a Solar Company Beforehand (and Why)

If you are environmentally conscious and want to positively impact the environment as an individual, then one of the top things on your sustainability list … Read more

triple bottom line of sustainability


Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability EXPLAINED

Sustainability may often be interpreted as just environmental sustainability, however, it is much more than that. The triple bottom line of sustainability is the fundamental … Read more

What is sustainability in fashion

Sustainable Lifestyle

What Is Sustainability In Fashion?

There is no denying that the fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment. The way we produce and consume clothing has a major … Read more

hybrid vs gas cars pros and cons

Green Technology

Hybrid VS Gas Cars (pros and Cons)

Hybrid cars have been getting a lot of attention recently. More people now go for hybrid cars as their first choice because those cars are … Read more

hybrid vs electric car

Green Technology

Hybrid vs Electric Car (Pros and Cons)

In recent years vehicle manufacturers have made more advancements in the industry, producing better and more efficient cars that no longer rely fully on gas … Read more

smart manufacturing examples of industry 4.0

Green Technology

9 Smart Manufacturing Examples of Industry 4.0

If there’s one field that has shown great advancements in technology is the manufacturing industry. Digital transformation technologies, such as cloud computing, wireless sensor networks, … Read more

How to reduce operational costs


How To Reduce Operational COSTS (OPEX) 2022

Are you looking to reduce your company’s operational costs? If so, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, I’ll share some interesting tips … Read more

What is cloud computing with example

Green Technology

What Is Cloud Computing? With EXAMPLE

We often hear talking about digital transformation technologies like cloud computing and their amazing benefits, including how those can help our path towards sustainable development. … Read more

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