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9 Non-Toxic Slow Cooker (Healthy, Chemical-Free Cooking)

Non-toxic slow cookers are getting increasingly popular for safe, effortless cooking. These cookers are crafted with health-conscious materials like ceramic, cast iron, glass, and stainless steel, eliminating harmful chemicals like BPA, PTFE, and PFOA. Ideal for health-aware individuals, they offer peace of mind in meal preparation.

Our comprehensive guide narrows down the best non-toxic slow cookers, focusing on material safety, size, durability, and user convenience.

From programmable settings to easy-to-clean designs, we’ve tested and selected top models for a worry-free, healthy cooking experience, perfect for today’s health-centric lifestyle.

9 Best Non-Toxic Slow Cookers

Best Non-Toxic Slow Cookers

In our quest for healthier cooking options, we’ve focused on finding the finest non-toxic slow cookers available on the market. Each model boasts features prioritizing safety, durability, and ease of use, aligning with our commitment to promote well-being through better cooking tools.

Join us as we explore these top-tier appliances designed for the conscious home chef.

1. GreenLife Healthy Slow Cooker

We wholeheartedly recommend the GreenLife Cook Duo for a worry-free, health-conscious approach to slow cooking.


  • The ceramic nonstick pot simplifies cleaning and cooking.
  • Versatile use with the ability to sear on the stovetop before slow cooking.
  • Absence of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium for healthier meals.


  • The lack of a locking lid can make transporting food tricky.
  • May not be suitable for international use without an appropriate power converter.
  • The exterior can get quite warm during operation, so caution is needed.

The moment we began using the GreenLife Healthy Slow Cooker, the convenience of starting a meal on the stovetop and transferring it to continue cooking slowly was a game-changer. Its spacious pot was ideal for large batches of our favorite stews and braises, making meal prep for the week a breeze. The nonstick surface meant not only healthier meals without harmful chemicals but also less time spent soaking and scrubbing afterward.

When we saw the clear glass lid, monitoring our dishes as they simmered was another appreciated feature. We also found the easy-to-use digital control panel quite intuitive, with the programmable settings ensuring our meals were ready at the exact right time—a boon for planning around a busy schedule.

However, during our use, we took note that moving the cooker, especially when full, required care due to the absence of a locking lid. Moreover, although it’s a minor drawback, if you live outside the U.S., be mindful that obtaining an appropriate power converter is a must, as this cooker is designed for the standard American voltage. Lastly, the external heat, while expected in most slow cookers, reminded us to keep it out of reach from little ones while it worked its magic.

2. GreenPan Elite Slow Cooker

We found this feature-rich slow cooker a game-changer in our kitchen, bringing out robust flavors effortlessly with its smart features and non-toxic materials.


  • Searing capability ensures flavors are locked in before slow cooking
  • Intuitive one-touch presets and large LCD screen simplify operation
  • Pot and cast aluminum insert are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • The exterior can get quite warm during operation
  • Preset temperature settings may not suit all recipes
  • Large footprint requires ample storage space

Our recent use of the GreenPan Elite Slow Cooker has reaffirmed our love for low and slow cooking. Being able to sear meat right in the pot saved us time and cleaning effort. The flavors developed beautifully as the cooker transitioned smoothly from searing to slow cooking without missing a beat.

We were impressed with the convenience of one-touch cooking settings and the legibility of the LCD, a boon for days when we prefer to be hands-off in the kitchen. The presets for steaming and sautéing added versatility to our cooking repertoire, making this appliance a frequent go-to.

Despite its prowess, we do advise caution—the outer surface becomes hot, and it would be better if the temperature control allowed for more fine-tuning. Lastly, it does take up a significant amount of counter space, but for us, the delicious outcomes made it a worthwhile trade-off.

3. All-Clad Electric Dutch Oven

We find the All-Clad Electric Dutch Oven to be a versatile and efficient addition to our kitchen arsenal, ideal for those who value multifunctionality and style.


  • Multipurpose with five cooking settings and a stovetop-safe insert
  • Large capacity ideal for feeding groups or meal prepping
  • Retains heat efficiently with cast iron construction


  • On the heavier side, making storage and handling challenging
  • Cast iron requires regular seasoning to maintain non-stick properties
  • Lack of dishwasher safety for the insert demands manual cleaning

The All-Clad Electric Dutch Oven has proven to be a game-changer in our kitchen. Its multipurpose design allows us to transition from searing on the stove to slow cooking without skipping a beat. The 5-quart capacity perfectly accommodates large roasts or stews, making meal times a breeze, especially when entertaining.

Cast iron’s heat retention qualities can’t be overstated; our dishes stay warm long after the cooking process is complete. Plus, the stylish stainless steel exterior with the All-Clad stamp adds a touch of elegance that we’re proud to display on our kitchen counters.

However, it’s worth noting the weight of the Dutch oven. At over 20 pounds, it takes some muscle to move it from storage to use. Additionally, while we relish the flavors that the well-seasoned cast iron imparts, maintaining that seasoning requires a bit of extra care. And after an evening of entertaining, the prospect of hand-washing the insert isn’t particularly appealing, given that it’s not dishwasher safe.

In our experience, despite a couple of drawbacks, the All-Clad Electric Dutch Oven stands out for its convenient features and robust construction. Its ability to tackle a myriad of cooking tasks makes it a valuable addition to our culinary toolkit.

It’s important to note that cast iron should be properly seasoned to create a natural, non-stick surface and to prevent rust. Unseasoned or improperly seasoned cast iron can rust.

4. Instant Electric Dutch Oven

We believe this Instant Electric Dutch Oven is a wise pick for anyone seeking a reliable and versatile slow cooker that simplifies mealtime.


  • Dual function as a slow cooker and a traditional Dutch oven
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Large capacity suitable for family meals


  • Weight may be cumbersome for some users
  • Requires countertop space for storage
  • Initial learning curve to master the multifunctional features

From the moment we unboxed the Instant Electric Dutch Oven, its bold red appearance added a splash of color to our kitchen counter. Its functionality impressed us as much as its looks. Transitioning from browning meat to slow cooking a stew, all in one pot, was a game changer—no extra pans to wash and everything cooked evenly.

The ease of setting precise temperatures allowed us to step away from the kitchen without worrying about the food. Whether we planned a slow-cooked meal for the evening or needed to keep a dish warm for a gathering, this appliance handled it all. Plus, its dishwasher-safe feature meant we spent more time enjoying our meal and less time cleaning up.

We’ve tried several recipes, from tender roasts to sumptuous braises, and each time the results were delectable. Despite its hefty weight—which is to be expected with cast-iron cookware—the durability and versatility of this Dutch oven made it an essential part of our cooking routine. It’s a solid investment for those who value quality and efficiency in their kitchen appliances.

5. Crock-Pot 8-Quart

Whether you’re cooking for a family gathering or preparing week-long meal prep, the Crock-Pot makes the process effortless and enjoyable.


  • Ample size for large meals, easily catering to a big group
  • Keeping dishes warm post-cooking simplifies meal timing
  • Cleanup is a breeze with dishwasher-safe components


  • Lacks a locking lid for transport, which can be inconvenient
  • On the bulkier side, so storage could be a challenge
  • A power outage will reset the settings, so it requires monitoring

When we first unboxed the Crock-Pot, the sleek black stainless steel design immediately complemented our kitchen decor. Its ample 8-quart capacity pleasantly surprised us, perfect for those large family roasts or a generous batch of chili for the weekly meal prep.

Envision the ease of tossing in ingredients in the morning, setting the timer, and coming home to a fully cooked meal. The digital timer up to 20 hours is invaluable for long cooking processes. The auto-warm feature ensures our dishes stay at an ideal serving temperature without overcooking.

Our team found cleaning to be a breeze. No need for laborious scrubbing; a simple wipe down or placing the pot in the dishwasher does the job. The non-toxic nature of the materials gave us peace of mind, especially when preparing health-conscious meals.

The main drawback we noted was the lack of a locking lid, something to consider if you’re often transporting your culinary creations. Additionally, while the size is fantastic for cooking, it does require a fair amount of cupboard or countertop space. Lastly, it’s important to remember to check on the device after a power blink, as the reset necessity can be a slight inconvenience.

In conclusion, the Crock-Pot 8-Quart slow cooker strikes an excellent balance between functionality and ease of use. It’s a worthy addition to the kitchen for anyone who values convenient, large-scale cooking without sacrificing quality or flavor.

6. ROTTOGOON Dutch Oven

We found the ROTTOGOON 6-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven to be an exceptional multifunctional cooker that simplifies meal preparation and enhances flavor.


  • Versatile 10-in-1 functionality caters to a variety of cooking needs.
  • The 6-quart capacity is ideal for family meals and entertainment.
  • High-quality, non-toxic material ensures safe and healthy cooking.


  • At 21.3 pounds, it’s quite heavy, which might be challenging for some to handle.
  • Not dishwasher safe, which requires manual cleaning.
  • E1 error reports indicate potential issues with the electronics.

After unboxing this dutch oven, we were immediately impressed by its robust and high-quality cast iron construction. Using it felt intuitive, the one-button menu selection made switching between cooking modes a breeze. Whether we were slow cooking a stew or baking a cake, results were consistently satisfying.

Entertaining large groups has never been easier since we added this dutch oven to our kitchen arsenal. Its 6-quart capacity handled everything we threw at it, from braising meats to cooking hearty soups, serving up to six people with no trouble. The heat distribution was even, and the flavors in our dishes were rich and well-developed because of the enameled cast iron’s fantastic insulation effect.

However, while using the pot, we had to keep in mind that it’s not the lightest piece of equipment. When filled, moving it required a bit of muscle. Cleaning also demanded a gentle hand, as the enamel coating calls for care—no dishwasher shortcuts here. Nevertheless, maintenance wasn’t overwhelming, and the pot still looked great after several uses.

We also took note of some users experiencing the E1 error, which was concerning. Yet, ours worked without a hitch, and customer service seems responsive in addressing such concerns.

Our verdict? If you’re seeking a dependable, non-toxic slow cooker that can handle a variety of dishes and don’t mind some manual maintenance, the ROTTOGOON 6-Quart Dutch Oven is a worthwhile investment.

7. West Bend 6-Quart Slow Cooker

We think you’ll love the West Bend 6-Quart Slow Cooker for its reliable cooking and ease of use, perfect for those hearty meals we all crave.


  • The large capacity is ideal for meal prep or entertaining.
  • Variable temperature settings offer flexible cooking options.
  • Easy cleanup with dishwasher-safe components.


  • Stays quite warm on the low setting, requiring monitoring.
  • The exterior can heat up, necessitating caution.
  • Some might find the design too basic without advanced features.

Wrapping your hands around the stoneware of the West Bend 6-Quart Slow Cooker after a day’s simmer, you can feel the care put into its design. Its size has been a blessing for serving up family dinners or shining as the centerpiece at a friendly get-together. We just scooped out servings of a tender, evenly cooked stew, and the cooker transferred right to the table for a homestyle serving experience.

Temperature control is a strong point with this kitchen companion. A twist of the knob to adjust settings from Low to High or Warm ensures that your dishes reach the ideal tenderness. And when we finished, cleaning was a breeze—the removable dish and lid nestled perfectly into the dishwasher, coming out ready for the next culinary adventure.

What really struck us was the cooker’s versatility. It jumps from slow-cooked soups to savory roasts without skipping a beat. This cooker has been our trustworthy ally in the kitchen, delivering satisfying meals without the fuss of constant stirring and checking. The stay-cool handles did their job, ensuring we could transport the cooker even when it was busy enveloping a chicken in warmth on the counter.

Despite its basic nature, the West Bend 6-Quart Slow Cooker has earned its place on our counter. It may not boast a myriad of high-tech features, but it leans on its simplicity and efficiency—qualities we’ve come to genuinely appreciate in our day-to-day cooking.

8. Elite Gourmet Personal Slow Cooker

If you’re seeking a compact slow cooker for cozy meals, this Elite Gourmet Personal Slow Cooker effortlessly enhances your culinary routine.


  • Ideal size for small household cooking needs
  • User-friendly settings for effortless meal prep
  • Cleanup is a breeze with dishwasher-safe components


  • Capacity might be limited for larger families or entertaining
  • Takes some time to reach the desired temperature
  • Plastic handle can get heated, requiring caution

The Elite Gourmet Personal Slow Cooker has been a delightful addition to our kitchen. Its dainty size is perfect for whipping up meals for two without the cumbersome cleanup that larger slow cookers demand. Preparing a savory roast that melts in your mouth or tender poultry is unbelievably easy. The settings are intuitive, which means we can quickly set it, forget it, and focus on our busy day’s tasks.

We have found that its sleek white exterior not only cooks our meals efficiently but also looks tidy on the countertop, blending seamlessly into our kitchen decor. The dishwasher-safe glass lid and removable stoneware pot are stars in their own right, providing quick cleanup without any fuss.

One of the things we have noticed, though, is that it’s not the best fit if you’re looking to cater to a big gathering. It may take a bit of patience for it to get up to the high temperatures, but once there, it maintains a consistent heat that’s perfect for slow cooking a variety of dishes. Users should note that the plastic handle can get hot, so it’s essential to handle it with care when the pot is in use.

9. Elite Gourmet 8.5 Qt Slow Cooker

In our kitchen, this Elite Gourmet slow cooker has become a staple for its effortless cooking and generous size, ideal for family meals and gatherings.


  • Ample 8.5-quart capacity, perfect for large dishes
  • Easy-to-use settings simplify meal preparation
  • Dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze


  • Initial use may emit a harmless odor and smoke
  • Ceramic insert is bulky, challenging to handle when full
  • High temperature settings can run hotter than expected

This Elite Gourmet slow cooker’s vast 8.5-quart capacity has truly impressed us, allowing for generous portions of stews, roasts, and more. The intuitive low, high, and keep-warm settings provide full control over cooking, enabling us to set it, forget it, and focus on entertaining or other kitchen tasks.

The ease of cleaning this appliance is a real time-saver. Both the glass lid and ceramic pot are dishwasher-friendly, leaving them sparkling clean with no hassle. And the sleek, metallic red exterior adds a pop of color that brightens the kitchen while serving up mouthwatering dishes.

On the flip side, the first use warned us of a bit of smoke and a slight odor, which is typical due to the manufacturer’s protective coating on the heating elements. And while the ceramic crock’s heft ensures even cooking, it can be cumbersome when filled with food, making it a consideration for those with limited strength or storage space. Additionally, we’ve noticed that the temperature can run a tad high on the settings, but with a little attention, every meal has come out perfectly cooked.

We’ve found the Elite Gourmet slow cooker to be an excellent kitchen companion, merging functionality with a generous cooking capacity. It’s been wonderful for preparing meals that keep everyone coming back for seconds.

Buying Guide

Understanding Material Safety

When selecting a non-toxic slow cooker, it’s crucial to consider the material of the cooking pot. Look for options that are free from lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals. Ceramic, cast iron, stainless steel, and glass are typically safe choices.

  • Ceramic: Ensure it’s labeled as non-toxic and conforms to safety standards.
  • Cast Iron: Known for its durability and even heat distribution. Ensure it’s coated to prevent rust and leaching.
  • Stainless Steel: Opt for food-grade, with no chemical coatings.
  • Glass: A less common but safe option for the cooking pot.

Key Features to Consider

Performance, size, and ease of use are top priorities. We’ve broken these down for you:

  • Temperature Settings: Adjustable settings provide better control over cooking.
  • Size: Consider the number of people you’re serving. Sizes generally range from 1 to 8 quarts.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Removable and dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning simpler.
FeatureWhy It Matters
Temperature ControlEnables precision cooking for various dishes
Size & CapacityMatches the cooker to household or gathering size
Easy to CleanSaves time and effort post-cooking

Additional Considerations

  • Lid Material: Glass lids are preferable for visibility, while a snug fit prevents heat loss.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for models that consume lower wattage while delivering consistent heat.
  • Warranty and Support: Longer warranties and responsive customer support offer peace of mind.

Ensure that the slow cooker has a strong track record for durability and reliable performance. Through careful evaluation of these factors, we can find a non-toxic slow cooker that caters to our health-conscious cooking needs and lifestyle.


When selecting a non-toxic slow cooker, it’s vital to consider the material it’s made from and the safety features it offers. We’ll address common queries to help you make an informed choice.

Are there any health risks associated with using ceramic slow cooker inserts?

High-quality ceramic inserts are generally safe and should not pose health risks if they are properly glazed and fired to prevent leaching of materials. Look for inserts certified to be free of lead and cadmium.

What features should I look for when choosing a slow cooker to ensure it’s non-toxic?

When choosing a non-toxic slow cooker, look for one with a natural material insert, such as unglazed clay or a certified-safe glazed ceramic. Prioritize models with safety certifications and a transparent list of materials used.

Is it considered safe to leave a slow cooker unattended while cooking?

It is generally safe to leave a slow cooker unattended if it’s in good condition and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure the cooker is placed on a flat, stable surface away from flammable objects and that the electrical cord is intact.

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