Simone N. R.

Hi, I’m Simone N. R. the founder of Sustainability Success™! I am an entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability, sustainable living, and industry 4.0 digital transformation technologies.

With an MSc in engineering and 15+ years of professional experience (including roles with growing responsibilities in the Ferrari and McLaren Formula 1 teams), I combine cutting-edge technical skills with visionary strategy and online marketing expertise.

By the way, as you can see in the picture, I also had the rare opportunity to hold the F1 Constructors World Championship trophy when we won it with Ferrari in 2008.

Simon holding the F1 constructors wold champions trophy
Me holding the one and only Formula 1 Constructors World Champions Trophy

I’ve always been a big proponent of working efficiently and avoiding the waste of precious human, environmental, and economic resources.

rv arca america 407 camper

I’m also passionate about gardening, off-grid living, self-sufficiency, and exploring the world in a more sustainable way with a sailboat or RV. In fact, I also have a camper, and I’m a certified RYA (Roya Yachting Association) skipper.

sailboat yacht sunset
sailboat - yacht interior

I still feel that, given the challenges that our society is facing while striving to reach sustainable development, being efficient in everything we do and leveraging all the necessary technology to achieve that, has never been more relevant than today!

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