Environmental Responsibility Definition & EXAMPLE

Environmental Responsibility definition example

Nowadays environmental responsibility examples are all around us, as corporations scramble to announce their new environmental sustainability efforts… but what is environmental responsibility? Let’s define environmental responsibility: Environmental responsibility is the duty of businesses to prevent and alleviate the environmental damage that may be caused by their commercial activities. A growing number of institutional investors … Read more

Environmental Sustainability – SHORT Guide

Environmental Sustainability

What is the environmental sustainability definition? What are the main ecological issues? Why are those important? Examples of environmental sustainability can be very useful to better understand this! Our wellbeing is closely associated with the health of the environment. According to the World Health Organization, 24% of deaths worldwide are linked to avoidable environmental factors. … Read more

Introduction to Sustainable Development & Sustainability

introduction to sustainable development and sustainability

Introduction of sustainable development: what does sustainability mean? What’s the definition of sustainable? What are the three principles of sustainability? What is sustainable development? What is the circular economy? What is corporate sustainability and what are the main challenges to achieving a sustainable business model? What challenges and opportunities are there for small businesses that … Read more