About us

Started at the end of 2021, Sustainability Success™ is an eco-friendly and green technology website helping people and businesses to learn more about sustainable development and lifestyle.

Sustainability Success™ is about making your journey toward sustainable development easy, enjoyable, and ultimately successful! Because a brighter future for the planet is also a better future for us all.

  • Maybe you are still a student looking to learn more about sustainability and sustainable development. Maybe you are wondering why those issues are so important, why they are teaching those topics at school and how this knowledge is going to help you in your life.
  • Or maybe you are running a small business as an SME and you would like to do something to reduce the environmental impact of your company.
  • Or maybe you are feeling a bit anxious or guilty about how humanity has been abusing the environment. Or maybe you are worried about climate change, plastic waste in our oceans, the loss of biodiversity, and other environmental issues.
  • Or maybe you just have that feeling that you can do something important for our planet but the environmental problems seem so massive that you may feel confused about what you can actually do.
  • Or maybe you just want to learn more about sustainability and how you can reduce the footprint of your business on the environment.
You are in the right place - sustainability - eco-living - green tech

In all of those cases, you arrived in the right place, in our website you will learn what sustainability is and especially what you can do to help the environment. We are going to show you how to tackle those huge problems of our planet by breaking them down into much smaller and easier-to-manage issues. They will not look so scary and hard to solve anymore!

Starting from simple environmentally conscious gestures and decisions, that everybody can easily implement and that can make a difference in the long run. Because if we want to see a change in the world, change should start from our own actions and motivation. Be the example of the change you wish to see in this world!

Our mission is to help the reader to connect more with the natural environment by easily learning more about the three pillars of sustainability, what they mean for our future, and how those can be applied by companies to develop new groundbreaking green technologies, but also applied by anybody to every aspect of our everyday life too! Changing the world one step at a time, starting from simple things and conscious gestures can make a difference in the long run.

The unique style of our videos and graphics published in this blog and on our YouTube channel are aimed at explaining complex topics in a concise and an easy to understand format appealing to people of every age. On the other end, our articles are going deeper into the topics, allowing the reader to get a more in-depth understanding of tools, technologies, research, concepts, and best practices that can have an important impact on your sustainability journey.

You are warmly welcome to join us along this exciting journey towards a sustainable future and a more fulfilling natural lifestyle. Empower yourself and your creativity by learning more about the environment, sustainability, green tech opportunities, sustainable product design, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our story and philosophy

It’s great to have you here to learn more about sustainable development and green tech!

Sustainability Success comes after about 15 years of experience working in industries at the pinnacle of advanced digital technologies, combined with a passion for their potential applications to improve sustainability and achieve sustainable development.

My experience in working in a fast-paced, high-pressure, result-oriented, and extremely demanding environment is reflected in the Sustainability Success philosophy and style. Because at Sustainability Success we see the environmental issues differently:

  • There is no reason to panic or be fearful, we should instead have a sense of responsibility for doing the right thing quickly and in a smart way. Because when you do things motivated by fear it is very likely to overlook important things and potentially make big mistakes. Our approach is rational, based on facts, swift when it needs to be, calm and with a steady pace when we need to play the long game. This is the key to the inevitable success of humanity in its sustainability efforts!
  • There are no deadlines, we simply always do our best according to the priorities we have! Many people think that the next decade will be crucial for the future of our planet. I think that there is no such “deadline” because once you realize that there are massive problems in our way of life and our impact on the environment, it means that now is the time to take action and do our best.
  • Time is the most valuable asset we have. We value your time, and that’s why in all of our articles you will find a quick and direct answer to your main question right at the start. In some cases, there will also be a short video summary packed with most of the valuable info available in the corresponding blog post. If instead, you want to dive deeper into the topic, we have you covered as well in our articles.
  • Technology is neither good nor bad. It always depends only on how we use it. For example, if you think that any technology could be a bad technology for humankind, don’t blame the tech. Instead, be smart and think: how can we use this for good? Find the answer, then spread the word. That’s how we can change the world: be a positive force pushing in the right direction.

I’m sure that you will enjoy our philosophy reflected in our work! Join us by subscribing to our newsletter and our youtube channel!

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Our logo explained

Sustainability Success Logo - About Us

I designed our logo to embody Sustainability Success’s vision.

It represents a successful person on top of a green tree branch symbolizing how humanity can succeed long-term if supported by a healthy environment.

The tree branch is fed by a neural network, representing how advanced technology can help us to achieve sustainable development. saving both the environment and ultimately humankind, while allowing the right balance between the three pillars of sustainability (profit, society, and the planet).

Finally, the sun is shining on both the person and the tree branch, because renewable energy at present and, potentially, the very source that powers the sun (nuclear fusion) in the future could support us during our green tech revolution towards sustainability.

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At Sustainability Success, we strongly endorse the significance of partnering with exceptional businesses. By uniting our efforts, we can accomplish the desired outcomes that both sustainability-related concerns and life, in general, demand.