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9 Best Non-Toxic Coffee Makers for 2024

In today’s health-conscious world, a growing number of consumers are keen on minimizing their exposure to toxins, particularly in food preparation. Coffee, being one of the most beloved beverages globally, naturally falls under this scrutiny.

The demand for non-toxic coffee makers has arisen from concerns over the materials used in the manufacturing of coffee machines, such as plastics that can contain BPA, or aluminum, which some believe may pose health risks when it leaches into the coffee.

When it comes to non-toxic coffee makers, the primary focus is on those made from materials that don’t leach harmful chemicals. Stainless steel and glass are often preferred because they are generally inert, meaning they don’t react with the coffee to alter its taste or potentially release harmful substances. Borosilicate glass, in particular, is praised for its durability and resistance to thermal shock, making it an excellent material for coffee makers.

When selecting a non-toxic coffee maker, it is critical to consider the durability of the product, the type of filter it uses, and how easy it is to clean, as these factors can affect the long-term safety and usability of the coffee maker.

For instance, a machine that is difficult to clean might harbor mold or bacteria over time. Additionally, the convenience of the brewing process and the ability to keep the coffee warm without compromising its quality are also important features to keep in mind.

Through thorough research and analysis, we aim to highlight the best non-toxic coffee makers on the market, placing emphasis on material safety, ease of use, and durability to find options that deliver both peace of mind and a high-quality coffee experience. With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at the top choices.

Top Non-Toxic Coffee Makers

Here are our picks for the best bon-toxic coffee makers:

1. COSORI Premium Pour Over


After mornings spent savoring each sip, we’re convinced that this COSORI coffee maker is a smart pick for anyone seeking a non-toxic and full-flavored coffee experience.


  • Exceptionally rich and full-bodied coffee
  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance
  • Impressive heat resistance for direct heating


  • Slower brewing process compared to electric machines
  • Wooden handle requires careful maintenance
  • Capacity may be insufficient for large gatherings

Brewing with COSORI’s pour-over coffee maker has transformed our morning ritual into a sensory adventure. The double-layer stainless steel filter precisely steeps the coffee, revealing intricate tastes that pre-ground beans just can’t offer.

We haven’t encountered any coffee ground residue, a common nuisance with other filters, solidifying our trust in this design.

There’s something meditative about watching the coffee bloom and the water spiral through the grinds. Despite the slower pace compared to an electric drip, the result is a deeply satisfying cup that’s worth the wait.

The heat-resistant glass allows for direct heating on a stove, which can come in handy, although we usually prefer using our kettle.

Ease of cleanup is a crucial component of any kitchen gadget, and the COSORI coffee maker excels here. It promised hassle-free cleaning, and it delivered. Both the decanter and the filter let us breeze through the cleanup, readying it quickly for the next use. And while the wooden handle offers a sturdy grip and aesthetic flare, it requires a bit more attention to keep it looking pristine.

Even if hosting a brunch, remember that its 8-cup capacity means smaller servings, so a single round may not suffice for everyone. But as a companion for daily use or small gatherings, it shines in functionality and style.

2. Presto Percolator

With its reliable performance and rich coffee flavor, the Presto Percolator is certainly a purchase worth considering for any coffee aficionado.


  • Brews up to 12 cups, ideal for families or gatherings
  • Stainless steel construction ensures durability
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance


  • Takes longer to brew compared to some high-end models
  • Not suitable for those preferring the high-tech features of modern coffee machines
  • Coffee might be too strong for some tastes

The aroma it spread is just the prelude to the rich and flavorful coffee it consistently delivers. It’s a simple pleasure, but one that feels slightly luxurious due to the elegant design of the machine.

Our experience with the Presto Percolator’s stainless steel body has been nothing but positive; it not only looks classic on the countertop but also ensures that the coffee maker stands the test of time. We’ve noticed the indicator light is particularly handy: it’s very clear when your coffee is ready, so you’re not left guessing.

Cleaning hasn’t been a hassle. After unplugging and allowing it to cool, a warm wash is all it takes to keep this percolator looking as good as new. Steer clear of abrasive cleansers and steel wool, stick to soft brushes for the spout and filter basket to preserve its shine. The removable water tank is a bonus for filling and cleaning.

As coffee enthusiasts, we’ve found that while it lacks the bells and whistles of newer brewers, the Presto Percolator is all about bringing tradition and simplicity back into our daily coffee ritual. Its straightforwardness is something we’ve come to truly appreciate.

4. Ninja 14-Cup Coffee Maker PRO

We think you’ll appreciate the Ninja Coffee Maker PRO‘s blend of capacity and flavorful brewing for keeping up with the morning rush or entertaining guests.


  • Brew quality is consistent, offering a choice between Classic and Rich flavors.
  • The 14-cup carafe is perfect for serving large families or groups.
  • The programmable delay feature and warming plate keep coffee hot and ready for hours.


  • Takes up more counter space than smaller machines.
  • The complex features may require a learning curve for some.
  • It’s a sizable investment compared to basic coffee makers.

Mornings in our kitchen are transformed with this Ninja Coffee Maker. The aroma of fresh coffee, set the night before, greets us as we step in to start our day. The large carafe is a lifesaver when we’re hosting brunch; no one waits for their caffeine fix.

The richer brew setting elevates our daily grind, pun intended. We find this coffee maker intuitive, despite its myriad of features which might be daunting at first glance. Cleaning is a breeze, especially since the carafe and filter are dishwasher safe—more time sipping, less time scrubbing.

Occasionally, its substantial footprint is noticeable, especially in a kitchen where space is at a premium. It’s not just another coffee pot; it’s a statement piece. Investment-wise, it’s on the steeper side, but considering the versatility and quality of brew, we’ve found it to be worth the extra pennies.

4. BAYKA French Press

Immerse yourself in the purest coffee experience with the BAYKA French press; its elegance is matched only by its performance.


  • Preserves coffee’s natural oils and flavors
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials
  • Simplified cleaning process, some parts are dishwasher safe


  • More manual effort than electric coffee makers
  • Glass components may be fragile if mishandled
  • Filtering process requires attention for sediment-free coffee

When walking in your kitchen, the BAYKA French Press will immediately get your attention with its striking copper frame and transparent design. Using it feels intuitive, the weighted handle provides a comfortable grip as you pour the hot water over the ground beans.

The rich aroma that fills the room is a prelude to the deep, unadulterated flavors you are about to enjoy. Your first sip will confirm that the 4-level filtration system does an impressive job.

You will notice the absence of grit, a common issue with less sophisticated presses. The coffee has a pureness in taste that can only come from a well-executed brewing process. It truly feels like an artisanal experience right from the comfort of your home.

Cleanup is a breeze. We appreciated how simple it was to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. The parts that could go into the dishwasher saved us time and hassle.

Overall, our experience with the BAYKA French Press was a delightful journey from the crafting of the beverage to the enjoyment of its robust flavors.

5. Farberware Percolator

We believe this Farberware electric percolator is a clear choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a non-toxic and rapid brewing experience.


  • Brews one cup per minute for fast service
  • Maintains warmth after brewing
  • Easy pouring and no-fuss clean-up due to detachable cord


  • May be cumbersome for those preferring single-cup machines
  • Not as modern as some programmable counterparts
  • Handles heavy usage, but longevity varies

The moment we took this Farberware percolator out of the box, we were impressed by its sleek stainless steel design that promised durability. Upon using it, what immediately stood out was the brewing speed: a cup a minute meant our morning coffee ritual was brisk and satisfying.

The robust flavor it produced reminded us of traditional brewing methods, yet the simplicity of use aligned well with contemporary needs.

Handling this device was a breeze. The detachable cord significantly eased the transfer from kitchen to table and back again, no more wrestling with wires during serving or clean-up.

When we had guests over, the automatic keep warm feature was truly convenient, ensuring each cup was as hot as the first without the need for constant attention or a reheating session.

Our main concern with the Farberware percolator centered on its suitability for smaller households. It’s ideal for brewing multiple cups at once, which might not suit everyone’s needs or preferences, especially if you’re living alone.

In addition, those accustomed to programmable features may miss the automation of modern drip coffee makers. While it’s built to handle frequent use, like any appliance, its performance and longevity might fluctuate with time and will depend on how well it’s maintained.

In our time with the Farberware 12-Cup Electric Percolator, we’ve found it to be a dependable addition to our kitchen appliances. It’s a classic choice for anyone looking to steer clear of plastic components and desires coffee that is both timely and delicious.

6. Capresso Mini Drip

Your mornings will just get better with the Capresso Mini Drip, especially if you appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of non-toxic coffee makers.


  • Built-in programmable timer to wake up to ready coffee
  • Goldtone filter reduces waste from paper filters
  • Compact size perfect for small spaces or few users


  • Warming plate turns off automatically after 2 hours, which could be short for some
  • The water level indicator can be a bit tricky to read
  • Replacement parts may add extra cost down the line

The Capresso Mini Drip makes a solid morning companion. It’s quite satisfying to wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, thanks to its programmable feature.

Our team finds the taste of the coffee, likely due to the Goldtone filter, to be crisp and devoid of any papery aftertaste that sometimes comes from paper filters.

On top of that, the size is just right for our small kitchen counter, leaving plenty of room for other gadgets. But it’s not just the size; its sleek design also brightens up our coffee corner.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. We’ve been caught out by the auto-shutoff of the hot plate a few times, especially during those longer weekend mornings. Also, while the coffee maker is quite durable, the thought of having to potentially replace the glass carafe, which could cost a noticeable fraction of the machine, doesn’t sit well with us.

Yet, as we pour our morning brew, the ergonomic handle and drip-free pouring spout make the act almost seamless, preventing any unfortunate spills.

The clean-up is as breezy as the setup too, with the easy-to-clean, non-toxic components, reassuring us of a safe and hearty cup each time.

7. Black & Decker Quick Brew

We found this Black & Decker coffee maker to be a reliable and straightforward option for our daily caffeine fix.


  • Quick and effortless operation
  • Sneak-A-Cup feature is a game-changer for early risers
  • Effortless cleanup with dishwasher-safe components


  • On/Off switch light may be difficult to see
  • Lid design could be more user-friendly
  • Basic model lacks advanced features some may desire

After using the Black & Decker Quick Brew, we’ve come to appreciate its simplicity and efficiency. Mornings feel smoother as we flip the switch and let it do its magic. Its Vortex Technology ensures that the coffee grounds are evenly saturated, resulting in a consistently flavorful brew every time.

The non-drip carafe has facilitated a mess-free pour, which is a welcome change from our previous machine.

The Sneak-A-Cup feature has rescued us on rushed mornings, allowing us to grab a quick cup before the brewing cycle completes without any spillage or dripping. This has been a standout feature when we’re in need of a quick caffeine jolt and can’t wait for the full pot to brew.

Clean-up is a breeze, thanks to the removable filter basket that’s dishwasher safe. This saves us precious time during our day and makes maintaining the coffee maker entirely hassle-free.

The nonstick “Keep Hot” carafe plate is another boon, keeping our coffee warm for late sleepers without the fear of burnt coffee often associated with traditional hot plates.

When considering the cons, it’s important to note that the on/off indicator light isn’t as visible as some of us would prefer, which sometimes leaves us double-checking to ensure it’s actually on. Additionally, while the lid secures the flavor and steam effectively, it could be designed to open more easily.

For coffee enthusiasts looking for programmable timers or specialized brewing settings, this model may feel too basic. However, its simplicity is precisely what we’ve found endearing. It excels at its job of brewing coffee without overcomplicating the process.

In our time with the Black & Decker Quick Brew, we’ve come to appreciate its no-frills approach to coffee making. It’s a solid choice for anyone who values a consistent and simple coffee-making experience.

8. Mueller French Press

We think you’ll adore the Mueller French Press for its robust build and versatility, a definite must-have for any coffee enthusiast.


  • Keeps coffee warm for extended periods
  • Multipurpose uses from coffee to teas and beyond
  • Solid construction that’s both slip and rust-proof


  • Not as quick as an electric coffee maker
  • Requires manual effort to brew
  • It’s bulkier than conventional glass presses

When we first laid hands on the Mueller French Press, the sturdy feel of its stainless steel construction was immediately apparent. It has the heft that suggests it will endure the daily grind, and after several uses, it showed no signs of wear, just a confident shine.

Brewing with it felt intuitive from scooping in the freshly ground beans to pouring water and finally pressing down the plunger, every step was a tactile and gratifying process.

The coffee it produced was profoundly robust and nuanced, with a depth of flavor that’s unmatched by many drip machines. We reveled in the warmth of our brew, staying toasty long after the first pour thanks to the double insulation. And cleaning afterward was a breeze; a simple rinse was all it took to prepare for the next batch.

We also found it incredibly competent beyond coffee, steeping loose-leaf teas, and infusing water with herbs. Its versatility makes it a standout in a crowded market.

While some may miss the set-it-and-forget-it convenience of an electric coffee maker, the rich results from this manual press make the extra effort a worthy trade-off. The size might be a drawback for those with limited space, yet it’s a fair compromise for the durability and quality it offers.

In our kitchen, the Mueller French Press has become more than just a coffee maker; it’s a staple for all our warm beverage needs. If you crave a brew that’s leagues above in flavor and body, this press will not disappoint.

9. Calphalon 14-Cup Coffee Maker

We believe the Calphalon 14-Cup Coffee Maker is a worthwhile purchase for its optimal brewing temperature, customizable settings, and ease of maintenance.


  • Maintains optimal brewing temperature
  • Customizable brewing strength and keep-warm temperature
  • Programmable with auto-off feature


  • Carafe design could be more ergonomic
  • Some may find the price point a bit high
  • Cleanup is necessary to maintain performance

This coffee maker has secured a spot in our kitchen for its consistency in serving up to 14 cups of piping hot coffee. The taste is notably improved due to its precise temperature control, ensuring that every drop offers the full spectrum of flavors from our favorite coffee grounds.

We appreciate the Strong Brew option for days when we crave an extra kick, and the programmable settings mean we can wake up to the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee every morning.

The warming plate is a standout, offering three heat settings to keep our coffee at the perfect temperature without the burnt taste we’ve experienced with lesser machines. Moreover, the construction of the machine is solid, depriving of the usual wear and tear issues, it looks as pristine as the day we unwrapped it.

On the downside, we’ve noted that pouring from the carafe could be smoother; a redesign could prevent those minor spills on our countertops. Additionally, the higher price tag might not fit everyone’s budget, but from our experience, the durability and performance justify the investment.

Regular cleaning is key to sustaining its performance over time—there’s a built-in decalcification sensor, which we follow diligently.

In sum, the Calphalon 14-Cup Coffee Maker stands out with its temperature precision, customizable strength, and durability, all of which make for a fine brew every day. It’s clear that the thoughtful features were designed with the coffee connoisseur in mind, though it’s also simple enough for anyone to use. We’re quite content with this addition to our coffee routine.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best non-toxic coffee maker, we need to consider several key features to ensure our choice is safe for daily use and does not compromise the quality of our coffee. Here we outline the factors to consider and provide a structured approach to help our decision-making process.

Material Safety

First and foremost, it’s essential to check the materials:

  • Stainless Steel or Glass: Opt for these materials over plastic, as they are less likely to leach chemicals.
  • BPA-Free: If plastic is a component, ensure it’s BPA-free.

Brewing Temperature

Consistent brewing temperature plays a crucial role:

  • 195°F to 205°F: Look for machines that maintain this optimal range for proper extraction.

Ease of Cleaning

Regular maintenance is vital for a non-toxic experience:

  • Removable Parts: Ensure parts that come into regular contact with coffee and water can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Dishwasher-Safe: This simplifies the cleaning process.

Additional Features

Consider other features that add convenience without compromising health:

  • Automatic Shutoff: Saves energy and enhances safety.
  • Filter Type: Use permanent or paper filters according to preference, but remember some may enhance the flavor better than others.

Here is a quick reference table summarizing what to look for:

MaterialStainless Steel, Glass, BPA-Free
Brewing Temperature195°F to 205°F
Cleaning EaseRemovable & Dishwasher-Safe Parts
Additional FeaturesAutomatic Shutoff, Filter Type

By keeping these points in mind, we can make a well-informed decision when selecting the best non-toxic coffee maker to fit our daily needs.


What materials are typically used in manufacturing non-toxic coffee makers?

Most non-toxic coffee makers are crafted from stainless steel, glass, or ceramic materials. These are preferred due to their inert properties, which don’t leach chemicals into coffee.

Are there coffee makers available that do not use plastic components?

Yes, there are coffee makers available that completely avoid plastic by using alternatives like stainless steel, glass, and ceramic components. These are often marketed as “plastic-free” for clarity.

How can one ensure their coffee maker is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals?

To ensure a coffee maker is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals, look for certifications indicating it is BPA-free. Opt for coffee makers made from glass, stainless steel, or certified non-toxic plastic.

How does the use of different materials in coffee makers impact the taste and healthiness of the coffee produced?

Materials like glass and stainless steel do not impart any flavor to the coffee, preserving its natural taste. These materials are also non-reactive and do not release harmful chemicals, making the coffee healthier to consume.

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