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8 Best Plastic-Free Dish Soaps (Zero Waste)

In recent years, consciousness about plastic waste has surged, bringing plastic-free dish soap options into the limelight. These zero waste dishwashing soaps seek to minimize planetary impact by ditching the conventional plastic packaging and often utilize concentrated formulas or natural ingredients that are kinder to the earth.

When considering plastic-free dish soap, it’s important to look beyond just the lack of plastic. Buyers should assess the product’s ingredients for environmental friendliness and effectiveness against grease and grime. The form factor also varies, ranging from bars to flakes to concentrated pastes, which can influence the method of use and the longevity of the product.

As we turn the page to more sustainable living, the best plastic-free dish soaps not only promise clean dishes but also a cleaner planet. This consciousness paves the way forward, ensuring our zero-waste daily habits contribute to a larger positive impact on our environment.

Top Zero-Waste Plastic-Free Dish Soaps

We recognize the importance of reducing plastic waste and preserving our environment. Our carefully selected lineup of plastic-free dishwashing soaps reflects our commitment to eco-friendly cleaning options that don’t compromise on effectiveness. Here are our picks for the best zero-waste dishwashing soaps!

1. No Tox Life Dish Block


★★★★★ 4.3

We recommend the No Tox Life Dish Block for its impressive cleaning capabilities and contribution to a zero-waste lifestyle.


  • Eco-friendly with zero plastic packaging
  • Made with skin-sensitive ingredients
  • Highly concentrated and long-lasting


  • There is a learning curve for optimal use
  • Additional accessories not included
  • Higher price point than traditional soaps

Choosing sustainable products can be a balancing act, but with No Tox Life’s Dish Block, you’re off to a good start in reducing your environmental footprint. Its concentrated formula allows you to tackle a mountain of dirty dishes with just a small amount of product. Plus, supporting a mother-daughter business that cares about ethical production aligns with values many of us find important.

Aesthetics aside, this dish soap bar’s performance is commendable. It produces a satisfying lather and deals with tough grime effectively. The journey towards sustainable living doesn’t mean you have to compromise on cleanliness, and No Tox Life’s Dish Block demonstrates that well.

Finally, consider the added benefit of using a product that’s crafted without harsh chemicals. For those of us with sensitive skin, this dish soap is a game-changer, helping to avoid the dryness and irritation often caused by traditional dishwashing liquids. We appreciate products that care for the planet and our well-being in equal measure.

2. MightyNest Lemon Dish Soap Bar

★★★★ 4.2

In our pursuit of eco-friendliness and efficiency in the kitchen, we find the MightyNest Lemon Dish Soap Bar to be a compelling purchase.


  • Contributes to reducing plastic waste
  • Natural ingredients make it gentle on hands
  • Concentrated formula effectively cuts through grease


  • Some users may find bar soap less convenient than liquid
  • Might leave residue if not properly rinsed
  • Requires adequate storage to avoid becoming mushy

When seeking out environmentally-friendly kitchen products, we should not overlook the impact of reducing plastic waste. The MightyNest Lemon Dish Soap Bar fulfills this criterion adeptly by providing a powerful cleaning solution without the need for plastic packaging. With its natural ingredients, those of us with sensitive skin can appreciate the gentleness of this soap bar during our dishwashing tasks.

Sustainability is often associated with compromise, but this dish soap bar from MightyNest is designed to tackle even the toughest of greases. Due to its concentrated nature, a small amount goes a long way, rendering it not only eco-friendly but also economical. As an all-natural product, it offers peace of mind, bypassing the health concerns associated with artificial dyes and fragrances.

Yet, the transition from conventional liquid soaps to bar soaps can require acclimation. Some users may find the process of scrubbing with a bar less convenient when compared to the ease of dispensing liquid soap.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the soap is thoroughly rinsed off to prevent any potential residue, which some users might find bothersome. To maintain the soap’s integrity and prolong its use, proper storage is necessary to prevent it from becoming mushy. It’s all about finding the right balance in our dish cleaning routine, with a nod to our environmental responsibilities.

3. ZeroWastely Dish Soap Bar

★★★★ 4.1

We find the ZeroWastely Dish Soap Bar to be a commendable choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking a lemon-scented, efficient cleaning solution.


  • Significant reduction in plastic use
  • Contains organic, skin-friendly ingredients
  • Lemon fragrance is pleasant and not overpowering


  • May not last as long as some users expect
  • Less effective on greasy pots and pans
  • Occasional spots reported on dishes after drying

Soap bars designed for dishwashing are emerging as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic-bottled soaps. ZeroWastely’s version stakes its claim in this growing market segment by providing a powerhouse of cleaning in a small, plastic-free package. Crafted with 100% organic ingredients, its plant-based nature is gentle on the hands while being tough on dirt.

The convenience and efficiency of dish soap bars should not be underestimated. Picture your kitchen with one less plastic bottle; this change is not only visually pleasing but also contributes positively to environmental conservation efforts. Their solid form factor easily fits by any sink, while the Lemon scent infused in these bars leaves a fresh aroma in its wake rather than a chemical trail.

Yet, it’s not without its drawbacks. Although the product aims to compete with liquid soaps in longevity, some users find that the bar disappears faster than anticipated, which can undermine its value proposition. Additionally, while it generally performs well, performance issues have surfaced when tackling greasier kitchenware—a consideration for those who frequently cook with oils.

In our evaluation, we consider ZeroWastely Natural Dish Soap Bar to be a practical option for those looking to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on their cleaning experience. It’s a smart step towards a greener kitchen and a healthier planet.

4. BLUELAND Eco-Friendly Tablets

★★★★★ 4.3

We recommend these eco-friendly dishwasher tablets for those looking to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on cleaning power.


  • Environmentally conscious design with plant-based ingredients and no plastic waste
  • Independently lab-tested to ensure effectiveness against grease and food stains
  • Uncomplicated usage, just drop a tablet in and let it clean


  • May require more than one wash for certain items or heavy stains
  • Could leave a film on dishes depending on water hardness
  • Not as potent as some traditional, chemical-laden options

It’s critical for us to consider the environmental footprint of our household products, and BLUELAND’s dishwasher tablets make that consideration easier. They are devoid of plastic and harmful chemicals, which aligns with a more sustainable lifestyle.

Adopting eco-friendly products often comes with concerns about their efficacy. These specific tablets have been tested to ensure they perform well, offering peace of mind that adopting green products doesn’t mean sacrificing cleanliness.

The simplicity of use is a notable feature; the process is as easy as placing a tablet in the dispenser. It’s a small but meaningful step towards a more eco-conscious kitchen that doesn’t add complexity to our daily routines.

5. RE: Dish Soap Bar

★★★★ 4.2

We recommend the RE: Dish Soap Bar if you’re looking to reduce plastic use while keeping your dishes sparkling clean.


  • Eco-friendly with zero-waste packaging
  • Includes a natural, compostable loofah
  • Made with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients


  • May not lather as much as traditional liquid soaps
  • Some users noted it isn’t as strong on grease
  • A few users wished for additional scents

Choosing eco-conscious products is a priority for us, and the RE: Dish Soap Bar stands out due to its commitment to sustainability. The inclusion of a natural loofah for effective scrubbing also appeals to our desire to minimize waste and avoid plastics.

This bar’s biodegradable ingredients align well with our ecological values. Given its 4.2-star rating across 776 reviews, it’s clear that users appreciate the effectiveness of this plastic-free soap option.

While we acknowledge every product has room for improvement, the feedback that it doesn’t lather as fully as other soaps does not deter us. Considering the environmental benefits, we believe using this soap is a responsible choice for any household.

6. MightyNest Meliora Dish Soap Set

★★★★ 4.2

Embrace a sustainable cleaning routine with this potent and eco-friendly dish soap set.


  • Fights tough grease with a concentrated formula
  • Cares for the environment with its zero-waste, plastic-free nature
  • Nourishes skin with all-natural ingredients


  • May require more effort for oil-heavy dishes
  • The unscented bar might be underwhelming for those who prefer fragranced cleaning products
  • Cedar tray missing in some orders based on customer feedback

As proponents of sustainable living, we understand the demand for environmentally friendly products that don’t sacrifice cleaning power. MightyNest’s Plastic-Free Unscented Dish and Hand Soap Bar, paired with a Natural Cedarwood Self Draining tray, fulfill this need smartly. This combination leans into the zero-waste philosophy and appeals to our desire to reduce plastic dependency.

We recognize the importance of a dish soap that both performs well against dirt and oils and is gentle on the skin. With ingredients like coconut oil and sunflower seed oil, this dish soap is designed to be kind to your hands. Moreover, its solid form ensures less waste and a more extended usage life compared to traditional liquid soaps.

We aim for solutions that align with responsible consumerism. This MightyNest dish soap set stands out as a beacon for those of us committed to making environmentally sound choices without compromising on our dishwashing standards. As each of us considers the impact of our carbon footprint, incorporating plastic-free options into our daily routine is a commendable step.

7. Meliora Lemon Dish Soap Bar

★★★★ 4.2

We believe Meliora Lemon Dish Soap Bar is a strong contender for those seeking an eco-friendly and effective dishwashing solution.


  • Highly concentrated formula ensures long-lasting use
  • Proudly boasts a fully plastic-free, recyclable, or compostable packaging
  • Formulated with non-toxic, skin-friendly ingredients for safe use


  • May leave behind soap residue that needs additional cleaning
  • Lathering might require more effort compared to liquid soaps
  • Its longevity might not meet everyone’s expectations

Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate the commitment Meliora shows in their Cleaning Products Dish Soap Bar. The use of organic coconut and sunflower oils not only aids in effectively cutting through grease and grime but also ensures that your skin doesn’t suffer from harsh chemicals commonly found in traditional dish soaps.

The plastic-free packaging of Meliora’s Dish Soap Bar hits the mark for those of us who are striving to reduce our environmental footprint. By choosing this product, we are sidestepping the single-use plastics that are overwhelming our planet. This is a win-win for both the eco-minded and the company’s B Corp certification that symbolizes their dedication to social and environmental performance.

While we commend the product’s composition and ethical considerations, it’s pertinent to address the possible cons. Some users might find that this dish soap’s sudsing action isn’t as robust as liquid alternatives, which may not appeal to everyone.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that any soap residue left in the sink will necessitate a secondary cleaning. Lastly, while the concentrated nature is intended to last, actual longevity will depend on individual usage patterns.

8. Cleancult Liquid Dish Soap

★★★★ 4.2

We believe this Cleancult dish soap is ideal for anyone seeking to tackle greasy dishes with a biodegradable option that cares for the planet.


  • Contains natural ingredients with a gentle formulation
  • Eco-friendly paper-based refill reduces plastic usage
  • Pleasant lemon verbena scent


  • The Lemongrass scent may be too strong for some individuals
  • Higher price point compared to conventional dish soaps
  • Some users report that it lacks the sudsy lather they are accustomed to
  • Only 90% less plastic, so not 100% plastic-free

Cleancult has introduced its Liquid Dish Soap as an agent of change in your kitchen, with an emphasis on environmental consciousness. The refill system is pragmatically designed to diminish the usual reliance on plastic, offering a refill package that is easily recyclable and reduces waste substantially.

The ingredients read like a tribute to nature, boasting the inclusion of aloe, essential oils, and a clear liquid formula free of harsh chemicals. This combination is poised to tackle dirty dishes with ease while also being kind to your skin.

Our shared commitment to the environment is reflected in the choice of Cleancult’s liquid dish soap. It seems to extend beyond cleaning, as it plays a part in the much-needed movement towards sustainable household products.

For those discerning shoppers concerned about what they leave behind, Cleancult presents an option that ensures your daily chores don’t cost the earth.

9. Grove Co. Ultimate Dish Soap Set

★★★★★ 4.4

We recommend this set to those who prioritize sustainability without compromising on cleaning power.


  • Effective at cutting through grease and removing stuck-on food
  • Includes a stylish, refillable glass dispenser
  • Eco-friendly with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients


  • Higher cost compared to conventional dish soaps
  • Glass dispenser might not be as durable as plastic alternatives
  • Limited scent options may not appeal to everyone
  • This includes a reusable plastic dispenser, so it’s not 100% plastic-free

Finding a plastic-free dish soap that performs as well as traditional options can be challenging. Fortunately, the Grove Co. Ultimate Dish Soap Set impressively balances eco-friendliness with powerful cleaning capability. It’s equipped to tackle tough jobs, proving that sustainability can go hand-in-hand with efficiency.

Appearance matters, especially in a well-curated kitchen. The Grove Co. set includes a sleek glass dispenser that does its job without adding to the plastic problem. It provides an elegant touch to the sink area and showcases your commitment to reducing waste.

We’re often faced with the dilemma of choosing between our love for the planet and the effectiveness of our cleaning products. With its 98% plant-based ingredients and a formula tough on food residue, the Grove Co. dish soap dispels all those concerns. The natural fragrances from essential oils offer a sensory bonus during our cleaning rituals.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best plastic-free dish soap, it’s important to consider several factors that will ensure an effective and eco-friendly washing experience.


We should look for natural and biodegradable ingredients. Avoid synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives which can harm the environment and potentially our skin. Biodegradability is key, as it ensures that the soap breaks down naturally without leaving harmful residues.

Table: Ingredient Checklist

Ingredient FeatureWhy It Matters
Plant-basedRenewable & less toxic
BiodegradableEnvironmentally friendly
Free from dyesSafer for skin & health
No synthetic fragrancesReduces allergies & skin reactions


Seek soaps with zero-waste packaging. Options like bar soaps or soap flakes often come in minimal or biodegradable wrappers.

List: Packaging Preferences

  • Paper wrapping
  • Compostable materials
  • Reusable containers


A good dish soap should cut through grease and food residues effectively. While we can’t test this aspect before purchasing, we can read user reviews or check for products that are concentrated and specify their grease-cutting abilities.


Eco-labels and certifications can guide us to responsible choices. Look for reputable third-party certifications that confirm a product’s environmental claims.


We must balance cost-effectiveness with environmental ideals. Calculate the price per use, as concentrated soaps may initially seem more expensive but last longer.

By considering these features, we ensure our dishwashing routine is not just plastic-free but also safe, sustainable, and practical.


What qualities should I look for in a biodegradable dish soap?

When selecting a biodegradable dish soap, we recommend focusing on ingredients that are plant-based and free from phosphates, parabens, and sulfates. It’s important to ensure that the soap is certified biodegradable meaning it can break down naturally without harming the environment.

Are there any DIY recipes for making my own eco-friendly dishwashing liquid at home?

Yes, there are several recipes available for making your own dishwashing liquid that is kind to the environment. A simple recipe includes combining distilled water, castile soap, and a natural thickener like xanthan gum, along with essential oils for fragrance if desired. This homemade concoction ensures control over the ingredients used, promoting a more sustainable washing experience.

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