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11 Best Recliners for Back Pain & Support

Recliners are more than just cozy seats; they’re a respite for the millions suffering from back pain. The best recliner for back pain combines lumbar support and a smooth reclining mechanism, ensuring alignment and pressure relief for a bad back, ultimately transforming a living space into a haven of comfort.

In our search for the best recliner for back pain, we focus on ergonomics, durability, and user feedback. A recliner with back support that promotes natural spinal alignment and offers adjustable features stands out, ensuring personalized comfort and a significant step towards healing and relaxation.

11 Best Recliners for Back Pain & Support

Best Recliners for Back Pain

We understand how chronic back pain can significantly impact quality of life. Our selection of recliners for bad backs is meticulously chosen to provide maximum support and comfort.

Each chair is designed to promote good posture and relieve pressure on your spine, reducing discomfort and supporting your back’s natural alignment. Whether you’re looking for innovative ergonomics, plush comfort, or sturdy support, our roundup features options catered to various needs and preferences.

1. Real Relax Recliner

We believe the Real Relax Massage Chair is a stellar choice for anyone seeking to alleviate back pain, offering personalized massage experiences that truly cater to your relaxation needs.


  • Comprehensive full-body massage from head to leg with SL Track system.
  • Zero gravity design aids in reducing spine pressure.
  • Various massage programs and adjustability settings to fit your preferences.


  • Substantial weight may complicate moving it around.
  • Maximum height limit could be restrictive for taller individuals.
  • Foot roller may feel intense for those with sensitive feet.

After a long week at the office, settling into the Real Relax Massage Chair feels like a retreat into a personalised spa experience right in our living room. Its one-button zero gravity design shifts us into the perfect position to enjoy a massage that feels as weightless as it is soothing. The warmth from the back heating feature seems to melt away the tension that’s been building in our muscles, an experience made better only by our favorite tunes playing through the chair’s Bluetooth speakers.

Switching between the Relax and Recovery massage programs, we find ourselves particularly impressed by the customizability: three intensity levels, five airbag pressure settings, and adjustable roller widths ensure the massage hits all the right spots. Our favorite feature might just be the SL Track; it makes it seem like the chair knows exactly where our aches and pains are, providing relief all the way from our shoulders down to the legs.

zero gravity recliner in living room

We do notice that the chair commands presence in the room, not just in terms of its diligent massage capabilities but also its size and weight. It’s reassuringly sturdy and solid, but make sure you have a dedicated space for it, as its 152 pounds doesn’t exactly glide effortlessly across the floor. Taller individuals be mindful, the chair caps off comfortably at 6.1 feet, so it might not suit those with an extra inch or two. And while the foot rollers are a godsend after a day spent on our feet, they can feel a little vigorous for unaccustomed toes.

Overall, the Real Relax Massage Chair is our go-to for daily relief from back discomfort and stress. It’s a substantial investment in our well-being that pays off from the very first use.

2. Yaheetech Comfy Recliner

We believe this Yaheetech recliner offers excellent value and comfort for anyone dealing with back pain, worth considering for your living space.


  • Offers marshmallow-like softness for ultimate relaxation
  • Three adjustable reclining positions cater to various comfort needs
  • Protective feet prevent floor damage and ensure chair stability


  • The recline mechanism may be stiff for some users
  • Not well-suited for very tall or broad individuals due to size limitations
  • Assembly might require some effort

Resting in my Yaheetech recliner after a long day is a soothing experience. The chair’s plush cushioning envelopes me, providing much-needed relief to my back. With each sink into its marshmallow-like softness, the stresses of the day fade. The high-density foam offers the support my back needs, and adjusting the recline is a straightforward process, no levers or buttons, just a simple push against the backrest.

The chair’s versatile functionality also impresses us. Whether I’m sitting upright, lounging with my feet up, or fully reclined, the Yaheetech recliner adjusts to my preferred position seamlessly. The smooth transition from sitting to reclining is particularly accommodating when I require a change in posture or when shifting from reading to dozing off.

recliner in living room

Despite its comfort, I’ve noticed the recliner isn’t built for everyone. Friends who are taller have mentioned the chair feels a bit snug. Also, initially working the reclining feature took a bit of strength, but it became more yielding over time. The chair’s manageable dimensions make it suitable for smaller living areas, as it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

In terms of upkeep, the PU leather surface makes cleaning up spills a breeze, so the chair maintains its polished look without much effort. Its solid construction and non-marking feet are small yet significant details that contribute to the overall integrity and utility of the chair. In all, our experience with the Yaheetech recliner has been largely positive, and it’s a relief to have a cozy spot that provides the support our backs need.

3. Creatuis Lift Chair

We find that this chair offers a fantastic blend of comfort and support, making it a great choice for those with back issues seeking relief.


  • Ample lumbar support with easy adjustments
  • Versatile reclining and lifting functions for added convenience
  • Quiet, smooth motors, enhancing the user experience


  • Lack of elevation in leg support may be a concern for some
  • Not as wide as advertised which could be misleading
  • Customer service experiences seem inconsistent

After spending some time with the Creatuis Lift Chair, we’ve grown to appreciate the design that addresses back pain. The adjustable lumbar support really stands out; it’s exceptionally easy to adjust with the remote, offering that extra support right where it’s needed. This has been particularly soothing after long hours at the desk.

The three-motor system the chair boasts is impressive. Each motor functions independently, and the operation is whisper-quiet. We’ve used chairs in the past where the noise was a distraction, but not with this one. The lift function has been a boon as well, aiding in standing up without stress on the knees or back.

woman on a recliner

Comfort hasn’t been an afterthought in this chair. We’ve lounged, napped, and read books, finding it consistently cozy. The high-density sponge padding affords a soft yet supportive seating surface that cradles without swallowing you whole.

However, the recliner hasn’t been without its shortcomings. While marketed as accommodating for the taller individual, the leg support didn’t fully measure up. As someone with particularly long legs, it was noticeable that my feet just barely stayed on the edge when fully reclined.

Another point to tackle is the seat width. Despite the description promising a more generous 23 inches, we found it to be slightly narrower. It’s not uncomfortable, but accurate expectations are crucial when deciding on a piece of furniture like this.

Finally, we’ve observed differing accounts regarding customer service, suggesting that the support could be hit-or-miss. We didn’t run into any issues ourselves, but it’s something to bear in mind.

Overall, the Creatuis Lift Chair has left a largely positive impression. It could well be the solution you’re seeking for a blend of comfort and adaptability to alleviate back pain.

4. FLEXISPOT XR2 Recliner

We think you’ll love the FLEXISPOT XR2 Recliner for its tailored support and convenience, making it ideal for alleviating back pain.


  • Motorized adjustments for personalized comfort
  • Water-resistant and cleanable synthetic leather
  • Built-in USB port for convenient charging


  • May be too compact for taller individuals
  • Only a handful of reviews available for reference
  • Requires patience for the potential two-package shipment

Our experience with the FLEXISPOT XR2 Recliner has been nothing short of delightful. The electric motor takes the strain off your back, easily adjusting to your preferred position. For moments when we might have dozed off, the chair remained a serene spot, thanks to its gentle rocking motion. Busy lives make for messy accidents, but with this recliner’s water-resistant cover, cleanup was a breeze.

The chair’s design feels thoughtful, with an extendable footrest adapting to varying heights. During long stretches of work, the lumbar-supporting pillow proved invaluable. Our lower back felt the benefit, demonstrating the chair’s ergonomic focus.

recliner for back pain in living room

We found the side pockets surprisingly handy for stashing remotes or books, while the USB port kept our devices charged. Despite the chair’s comfort, those over 5’9″ might find it less accommodating. It’s also worth noting that, although assembly was manageable in under 20 minutes, waiting for the second package required a bit of patience.

All in all, the FLEXISPOT XR2 Recliner appears to be a smart choice for anyone seeking to ease back pain with a comfortable, feature-rich chair.

5. SweetCrispy Recliner

We believe this SweetCrispy Recliner is a solid pick for those dealing with back pain, thanks to its adjustable features and built-in massage modes.


  • Customizable comfort with adjustable angles and multiple massage settings
  • Effortless assembly process, set up in minutes
  • Compact design suitable for small spaces and versatile enough for various rooms


  • May lack sufficient cushioning for some preferences
  • Limited durability due to lightweight construction
  • Massage intensity might be insufficient for users with severe back pain

Having recently spent some time with the SweetCrispy Recliner, we’ve grown to appreciate the adaptability it offers. Being able to change the chair’s angle from a sitting position to a lie-flat option is a game-changer for those who need to frequently adjust their posture. Furthermore, the massage feature adds an extra layer of relief for the back, with various modes to cater to different levels of soreness.

Assembly can often be a headache with furniture, but this is not the case here. We were impressed with how quickly and easily the recliner came together – a mere five minutes from box to relaxation. For anyone who dreads the complexity of putting furniture together, this simplicity is a breath of fresh air.

While the chair has proven to be a comfortable haven for recovery and relaxation, its smaller size and lighter weight, while beneficial for portability and fit, might signal a trade-off in long-term sturdiness and support. Those who require more robust seating may need to look at heavier-duty options. Additionally, the massage function, though beneficial, doesn’t compare to high-end recliners. Those with chronic back pain may find they need something with a bit more therapeutic strength.

6. SAMERY Comfy Power Recliner

We think you’ll love the SAMERY Comfy Power Recliner for its heated massage features and the ease of use, making it perfect for anyone seeking relief from back pain.


  • Seamless adjustment between positions with motorized reclining that’s easy on the back
  • Built-in heat and massage functions offer relaxation and can help ease discomfort
  • Additional features like USB ports and cup holders bring convenience and luxury to relaxation time


  • The chair may have a shorter lifespan than expected due to the build quality
  • Noise from the massager could potentially disrupt the peace and quiet of relaxation time
  • May not accommodate very tall individuals comfortably due to chair size

After a long day, sinking into the SAMERY Comfy Power Recliner felt like a supportive embrace. The motorized recline whisked us away to a comfortable 150-degree angle without the strain of manual adjustment, easing our weary backs almost instantly. The footrest elevated our sense of comfort, further promoting a relaxing experience.

The chair’s massage and heat features stood out brilliantly. Each session soothed our muscles, making it an inviting spot for anyone with aching back issues. It’s like having a personal masseuse on standby, ready to tackle the day’s stress with just a few button clicks.

Despite its indulgent features, it’s worth noting that the massager does create noise, which could be less than ideal for some. Still, for us, it didn’t overshadow the overall relaxation the chair provided. Besides, the incorporated USB ports and cup holders meant we barely had to move a muscle to enjoy a drink or charge a device – a true mark of laid-back luxury.

7. INZOY Swivel Recliner

We believe this INZOY recliner is a solid investment if you’re seeking relief from back pain and value modern functionality in furniture.


  • Effortless power reclining and swiveling features
  • Built-in lumbar support for spinal health
  • High-quality, easy-care Leathaire fabric


  • Footrest and back recline simultaneously, limiting positioning options
  • Assembly required, which may be challenging for some
  • Footrest may not provide adequate elevation for all users

After spending some time enjoying the comfort of the INZOY Electric Swivel Rocker Recliner, we can attest to its ease of use. The power recline feature is a highlight, allowing for quick adjustments with just the touch of a button. Rocking gently in this chair has become a go-to method for unwinding after a long day.

The recliner’s built-in lumbar support aligns well with what we seek for maintaining posture and relieving back stress. This isn’t just a recliner; it’s a haven for anyone who has experienced back pain and seeks both relief and relaxation.

While we appreciate the sleek design, we’ve noted that the simultaneous movement of the footrest and back may not be conducive to all relaxation or seating preferences. However, once you find your sweet spot, the comfort is undeniable.

A clean, modern aesthetic coupled with functional design makes the INZOY recliner a worthy contender in its category. The stain-resistant Leathaire fabric means spills can be wiped away with ease, which is particularly comforting to know when it’s used frequently in cozy living spaces.

8. Yaheetech Leather Recliner

We’ve found this chair to be a smart pick for those in need of comfort that soothes back pain without breaking the bank.


  • The plush cushioning seems to envelop you, providing that marshmallow-like softness and ample lumbar support for extended relaxation periods.
  • Its three relaxation modes cater to various needs, whether it’s sitting upright or fully reclined, delivering a seamless transition that’s impressive for its range.
  • The non-marking pads on the sturdy feet are a detail we appreciate, safeguarding the floors during movements—a thoughtful touch.


  • The reclining mechanism may require some effort, which could be an inconvenience for some, especially if you prefer a smoother glide into relaxation.
  • With a more compact design, it’s not the most suitable for those with a larger frame or anyone looking for a roomier seat.
  • The smooth faux leather is comfortable, but it has us wondering about its durability in the long haul.

Upon sinking into the Yaheetech Leather Recliner, the first thing we noticed was the ample cushioning. It really did seem to offer that overstuffed comfort hat cradles your back just right. Thanks to the high-density foam and quality pocket springs, moments of lounging turn into refreshing breaks, which is a boon for anyone with back pain issues.

recliner for bad backs in the bedroom

As we tested the various positions, we noted how the recliner’s footrest pops up effortlessly. It’s nice to be able to find just the right angle for our legs, making it simple to switch from reading to napping mode. The absence of a lever might be seen as a drawback by some, but we found the push-back action to work reliably with a bit of body weight.

Lastly, we must comment on its size and fit. It fits seamlessly into our space, proving to be an ideal choice for smaller apartments or a cozy office nook. While its dimensions may not cater to everybody’s needs, this chair certainly fills a niche for those who prioritize space-saving furniture without sacrificing comfort.

9. KCREAM Cozy Recliner

After spending some quality time lounging in the KCREAM Cozy Recliner, we’re convinced it’s a solid pick for anyone looking to ease back pain.


  • Effective heat and massage functions target back pain
  • Simple assembly, user-friendly even for one person
  • Ideal for small spaces with its compact design


  • The firmness may be too much for some preferences
  • Limited suitability for larger builds given its size
  • Grey color may not suit all interior design schemes

Seated in this KCREAM recliner, the first thing we note is the comforting heat that soothes our back aches. The massage options, controllable via the handy remote, provide targeted relief to our tight muscles. It feels like a personal therapist working out the kinks in our back, and the heat adds that extra layer of relaxation we don’t find in every recliner.

The recliner’s size is surprisingly accommodating for our smaller living room, and it blends seamlessly into the corner we’ve chosen. We appreciate the compact feel, and how it doesn’t overwhelm our space. After a simple setup process that we manage solo, it’s immediately ready to provide relief. No fuss, no hassle – just instant comfort.

While using the KCREAM Cozy Recliner, we notice its sturdy construction, which reassures us of its durability. The downside, however, is the firm cushioning. It’s a bit more rigid than we anticipate, which might not be to everyone’s liking, especially if one prefers a plusher sit. The chair supports up to 300 pounds comfortably, but those with a larger frame may find it lacking in spaciousness. The grey hue is neutral and likely to blend with various decor, yet it might not catch the eye of someone with a penchant for more vibrant furnishings.

10. Homall Leather Recliner

We recommend this recliner for anyone seeking comfort and various reclining options, especially suitable for alleviating back pain.


  • Plush and skin-friendly PU leather offers a touch of luxury
  • Adjustable backrest for optimal comfort in any position
  • Sturdy and easy-to-use footrest for enhanced relaxation


  • May not be suitable for very tall individuals
  • Reclining mechanism could be smoother
  • Limited longevity with heavy use

After lounging in the Homall Leather Recliner for a recent movie night, we were genuinely impressed by the quality of the plush, skin-friendly PU leather. It felt luxurious to the touch and easy to clean, a major plus for any busy household. The high-density foam padding cradled our backs, delivering just the right amount of support and comfort needed to help soothe our aches after a long day.

Adjusting the recliner to our preferred angle was a breeze, from sitting upright for reading to nearly flat for a quick nap. The varied positions come in handy particularly when we’re trying to find that sweet spot for our back. Moreover, the generous padding in the footrest made it a cozy nook for our tired feet, and it added to our overall relaxation experience.

The only niggles we noticed were related to its size and durability. Our taller friends found their feet hanging off the edge which might not make it their go-to spot. Additionally, with frequent use, the reclining function could use a bit of refinement, as we found it a bit jerky at times. In terms of longevity, we’re cautious about how it might hold up over the years with daily use.

Despite these points, the Homall Leather Recliner remains a valuable addition to any space in need of a comfortable seating solution, especially for those with back concerns. Its ability to seamlessly blend with the living room decor, combined with its functional benefits, makes it a worthy contender for anyone looking to invest in their comfort.

11. Newtral Lumbar Support Chair

We think the Newtral Lumbar Support Chair could be a game-changer for anyone struggling with back pain, thanks to its ergonomic features.


  • Adaptive lumbar support that suits various spine contours
  • Multiple adjustments for personalized comfort
  • Breathable mesh and high-quality materials used


  • Assembly might be cumbersome
  • Higher price point than some competitors
  • Could be oversized for smaller desk spaces

Ever since we started using this chair, our back pain from prolonged sitting has noticeably decreased. The adaptive lumbar support really does follow the movement of your back throughout the day, which is quite a relief. We appreciated that the lumbar strength could be adjusted to fit our personal comfort level, and it feels like the chair was tailored just for us.

We have found that the numerous adjustable features of the Newtral Chair – including the tilt function, headrest, and seat depth – allow us to customize our sitting experience. Whether we’re working or taking a quick break to relax, finding the perfect position is not a hassle. The chair’s ability to adjust to our body’s needs dynamically throughout the day makes it a standout feature.

We did notice that keeping comfortable doesn’t come at the cost of durability. The chair is sturdy, and the materials, like the breathable back mesh and high-density sponge cushion, are top-notch. Sitting down for the better part of the day suddenly isn’t something to dread. Instead, the Newtral Chair makes it a more comfortable and supportive experience, helping us focus on tasks without the distraction of discomfort.

Despite the chair’s many benefits, some might find the initial setup tricky. The included instructions and tools are meant to help, but you might need a bit of patience while assembling. Additionally, for those on a tight budget or with limited office space, this chair might be on the larger side and could be considered an investment in terms of both space and money.

Buying Guide for the Best Recliner for Back Pain

When searching for the best recliner to alleviate back pain, we need to focus on several critical features that provide the necessary support and comfort.

Essential Features

  • Ergonomic Design: A chair that complements the natural curve of the spine is vital. Look for options that offer lumbar support and that can adapt to the specific contours of your body.
  • Reclining Mechanism: Recliners with smooth and adjustable mechanisms allow for various positions that can help reduce strain on your back.
  • Quality Materials: High-density foam, sturdy frames, and durable fabric or leather contribute to both comfort and longevity.

Construction and Durability

Frame ConstructionLook for a heavy-duty frame that ensures stability.
FootrestIt should be sturdy and easily adjustable.
UpholsterySeek durable materials that are easy to clean.

Additional Considerations

  • Size and Fit: Make sure to choose a recliner that fits your body size appropriately. Your feet should touch the floor when seated, and your head should comfortably rest against the headrest.
  • Adjustability: Recliners with multiple adjustments can cater to specific needs and offer better comfort.
  • Supportive Features: Extra padding, heated massage options, and zero-gravity positions might enhance comfort and back support.

By focusing on these characteristics, we can better assess which recliner will meet our needs for alleviating back pain. Remember, taking the time to test out a few options might offer invaluable insights into what feels most supportive for your back.


In our selection of recliners for back pain, we emphasize comfort, support, and durability. We have gathered common questions to aid you in making an informed decision.

What features should I look for in a recliner if I have back and hip pain?

When selecting a recliner for back and hip pain, we recommend looking for models with lumbar support, ergonomic design, adjustable head and footrests, and high-quality, firm cushioning. A recliner with heat and massage options can also be beneficial.

Which recliners do health professionals, like chiropractors, endorse for alleviating back pain?

Health professionals often endorse recliners that provide good lumbar support and encourage a neutral spine position. Brands that often get recommended are those that tailor their designs based on orthopedic research, though specific endorsements should be requested directly from a healthcare provider.

How does a zero gravity recliner benefit those suffering from back pain?

A zero gravity recliner can benefit individuals with back pain by evenly distributing weight across the chair, reducing pressure on the spine, and improving circulation. This position can help decrease the stress on your back, providing a sense of weightlessness and relief.

Can recliners actually provide relief for individuals with bad backs?

Yes, recliners with the right design and features can provide significant relief for individuals with bad backs. They promote relaxation, support proper posture, and can reduce strain by allowing you to adjust your seating position.

What is the proper way to use a recliner to minimize lower back pain?

To minimize lower back pain, ensure that your recliner fits your body’s proportions so that it supports the natural curvature of your spine. The recliner should be adjusted so that your knees are at or slightly above hip level, with your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest.

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