6 Best Electric Camper Vans for 2024

Electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over the roads, and now the revolution is coming to RVs. Electric camper vans offer a sustainable and eco-friendly way to enjoy the freedom of van life while reducing your carbon footprint in a cost-effective way.

In this guide, I’ll explore the best electric camper vans available in the US in 2024, their key benefits, real-world experiences from early adopters, and what the future may hold for these zero-emission nomadic homes.

I’ll provide an in-depth look at this exciting new trend in green tourism and sustainable travel.

Best Electric Camper Van Models

Electric camper vans are just entering the market, but options are rapidly expanding. Here are some of the most exciting electric RV models expected for 2024:

1. Volkswagen ID. Buzz

BEST Range

best electric camper van - VW ID Buzz

The Volkswagen ID Buzz is an electric remake of the iconic VW Microbus (picture below), set to launch in the US in 2024 and already available in the EU. VW has big plans for the ID Buzz, with camper van conversions and up to 260 miles of range.

VW microbus

The smooth, quiet electric driving dynamics impress in early reviews. Between the pop-top sleeper, retro-inspired styling, and dealer network, the ID Buzz electric camper van checks lots of boxes for RV enthusiasts.

The 2024 launch is now almost around the corner. For traditional VW fans seeking an electric update of the legendary microbus, though, the ID Buzz presents an exciting option.

It is still not clear if this electric camper van will have a separate service battery or if it will use the EV battery for everything. In any case, you are likely to need a solar generator if you like to go camping off-grid.

Here’s a handy video review of the EU ID Buzz electric camper conversion:

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My Take on the Volkswagen ID Buzz

As an experienced RV enthusiast, the ID Buzz is extremely interesting thanks to its balance of modern electric technology and retro styling invoking the classic VW bus.

The expected 260 miles range alleviates my main concern over current electric RV limitations. This means that in real-world driving you can expect 200+ miles of range, that’s not bad.

However, its size is extremely compact and would not appeal to RVers looking for a more comfortable electric camper van.


  • Up to 260 miles range
  • Capacity: up to 7 seats
  • Cool design
  • VW Dealer network
  • Available in 2024


  • Small space
  • Expensive for its size

2. Winnebago e-RV2

Most Comfortable

Winnebago eRV2 - electric RV camper van

The e-RV2 from Winnebago, the iconic American RV manufacturer, demonstrates the company’s vision for an electric future. Built on a converted Ford Transit platform, the e-RV2 offers 108 miles of range and an adaptive, flexible interior layout perfect for off-grid camping.

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It’s important to note that the e-RV2 is still just a prototype. However, it can give an idea of what’s likely to be coming in 2024 from Winnebago.

Here’s a video review by experienced RVers who had the opportunity to test the eRV2 for an entire week:

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Range anxiety remains a top concern for real-world testers of this e-van. For boondocking and adventuring far off the beaten path, 108 miles may still prove limiting. However, this feature seems to be a limitation of the Ford Transit platform, which was developed for parcel deliveries.

But as an early concept, the e-RV2 shows promise for what Winnebago’s vast expertise could achieve in an electric production RV.

For example, with 15,000 Wh, the RV service battery is huge! Coupled with the 500 W of RV solar panels on the roof, that’s a pretty neat setup that could allow boondocking for up to a week. It’s just a bit of a shame that the EV range is so limited.

My Take on the Winnebago eRV2

Winnebago’s brand recognition goes far with RV shoppers, and the e-RV2’s lengthy real-world testing shows commitment to perfecting the electric RV experience.

Except for the missing sink in the bathroom, which makes shaving a bit of a challenge, the eRV2 looks like a well-thought-after prototype.

However, I worry that the range could restrict the freedom of travel. This is something that RVers value very highly. And this is why I ranked the eRV2 only second.

With improvements, though, Winnebago could leverage its expertise to make EVs truly RV-friendly.


  • Established brand
  • Comfortable interior
  • Solar capabilities
  • Huge battery bank (services)
  • Dealer network


  • Limited 108 mi range
  • There’s no sink in the bathroom

3. Thor Vision Vehicle

Best Concept

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Thor, the RV industry giant, makes a bold statement with its Vision Vehicle electric concept RV. It boasts a potential 300 miles of range and an array of intelligent features like digital side mirrors and smart glass windows. The styling looks straight out of the future.

However, as only a concept RV so far, the specifications may never materialize. But the Vision Vehicle’s ambitious plans set a high bar for the electricity-powered RVs to come.

The Thor Vision Vehicle was just an early prototype, so it looks unlikely for them to be able to launch this electric camper van before 2025.

Here’s a video tour of the Thor Vision Vehicle prototype:

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My Take on the Thor Vision Vehicle

Thor had me at 300 miles of range. This would finally allow RVs to roam free while using only electricity.

The Vision Vehicle’s concept excites me, but I’m cautious to expect these features in a production RV. As a concept, though, it pushes RV makers to aim big in electrification.

Unfortunately, with the most likely launch being in 2025, this electric RV is not expected to become available anytime soon.

Additionally, so far this prototype has not been independently tested and reviewed by RV enthusiasts. So it is still early days for this electric camper.


  • Expected up to 300 mile range
  • High-tech features
  • Eye-catching concept design


  • Still just an early-stage concept
  • Specs may change substantially

4. F150 Lightning Camper Conversion

Available NOW

F150 Lightning camper conversion

If you would like to have an electric camper right now in 2023, then you can get the best electric truck, like the F150 Lightning, and convert it to a camper!

There are a number of companies doing this, one of those is Four Wheels Campers, based in California. They already converted a number of F150 Lightning trucks into electric campers.

The good thing about those conversions is that the F150 Lightning has a 300 miles full electric range. Note that the range will be reduced by the conversion because the aerodynamics will get worse, but you should still be able to easily make 200+ miles with this solution. Not bad!

Those conversions are essentially adding a camper module on the bed of the electric truck. The basic versions have only the outer shell, while the fully equipped ones come with furniture, a toilet, solar panels, and more.

The main downside of this type of solution is that the aerodynamics of those modules may not be optimal for EVs. Another downside compared to a purpose-built electric camper van is that the interior, water tank capacity, and service battery banks will be less capable compared to those of a purpose-built RV.

My Take on the F150 Lightning Camper Conversion

The F150 Lightning camper conversion is an appealing solution if you already own an electric truck and would like to have an electric camper right now.

If instead you can wait or you don’t have an electric truck, then I would suggest waiting for one of the previously mentioned options to become available.


  • Available right now
  • Affordable if you already own an electric truck
  • Good range


  • Less capable than purpose-built RV
  • Worse aerodynamics reduce the range

5. Adventure One

Best for Off-Road

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The Adventure One is an electric camper van created by Potential Motors, a company based in Canada. It has a unique tall and narrow design to allow it to navigate off-road trails and rugged terrain that wider vehicles can’t access.

The Adventure 1 is equipped with advanced driver assistance technology called OROS, an AI-powered vision system that analyzes the terrain ahead to optimize things like suspension, torque distribution, and power delivery.

On the inside, the Adventure One has seating for 4 people but can sleep just 2, so some campers may have to sleep outside. It features a removable modular kitchen unit that packs a sink, stove, and attachments for a shower into a compact space.

Large windows and a panoramic glass roof enhance the feeling of openness inside despite the narrow width.

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With a 70 kWh battery, the Adventure One has an estimated 100 miles of off-road range or 250 miles on-road.

The starting price is $136,000 USD due to the limited production run and advanced technology included.

Overall, it provides a unique blend of off-road capabilities and creature comforts for extended camping and adventures.

My Take on the Adventure One

The Adventure One is an intriguing electric camper van aimed at a niche market of outdoor enthusiasts seeking rugged capabilities combined with modern comforts.

Its advanced off-road tech could allow it to access remote locations that other vehicles can’t, which is a major benefit for avid adventurers.

However, the limited passenger and sleeping capacity may be a drawback for larger groups.

While intriguing, the high price tag could limit appeal beyond hard-core overlanders with ample budgets. But for those with means seeking extreme, high-tech camping, the Adventure One could fulfill that role in a sustainable way.


  • Great off-road capabilities
  • Purpose-built
  • Cute design
  • Sophisticated off-road tech
  • Modular kitchen
  • Panoramic views


  • Expensive
  • Only sleeps 2 people
  • As a UTV can be used on secondary roads and off-road only
  • You have to flat tow it on a highway but it will charge on the way

6. Grounded RV G1

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Grounded RV’s G1 takes a different approach than established RV players, offering a customizable, modular electric RV starting at around $125,000. The clever layout adapts to your needs, and the lightweight maximizes interior space.

However, the biggest question is whether the G1’s range of just 108 miles provides enough usability. Still, for an affordable, forward-thinking electric RV, the G1 is compelling.

My Take on the Grounded RV G1

I love the G1’s flexible ethos and focus on sustainability. The 108-mile range gives me a pause, but improvements are planned.

New companies like Grounded give me hope for the future of electric RVs if they can execute their fresh visions. However, the release date is still now available.


  • Relatively affordable price
  • Customizable modular interior
  • Lightweight


  • Limited 108 mile range
  • New unproven company

The Future of Electric Camper Vans

Electric camper vans are just getting started. As battery ranges improve and more models enter the market, we can expect:

  • Expanded infrastructure – More EV charging stations at campgrounds, resorts, eco-lodges, and parks.
  • Mainstream adoption – Traditional RV makers like Thor and Winnebago adding electrics.
  • Advances in solar integration – Panels will provide more charging capacity.
  • Autonomous driving features – Easing long trips with driver assistance tech.
  • Lower prices – Economies of scale will reduce manufacturing costs.

While early electric camper vans have limitations, the long-term trends point toward this technology transforming RV travel. As an avid camper myself, I eagerly await the chance to enjoy an electric van life journey.


Electric camper vans usher in an exciting new era in sustainable RVing. With lower environmental impacts and ownership costs compared to gas-powered models, these zero-emission nomadic homes let you enjoy the freedom of the road while treading lightly.

As battery ranges improve and more makes and models launch in the coming years, electric camper vans will offer a viable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional RVs. Though some challenges remain, the benefits are too significant to ignore. The future looks bright for electric camper van travel.