9 Best Luxury Electric SUVs for 2024 and 2023

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity every year, and luxury automakers are responding with exciting new EV models. For those looking to get a luxury electric SUV in 2024, there are some fantastic options to choose from.

With over 15 years of experience working in the top luxury automotive brands and being passionate about sustainability, I’ve been following the rise of electric vehicles closely. In this guide, I’ll help you explore the 9 best luxury electric SUVs for 2024 and 2023, highlighting their key features, performance, range, and more.

Best Luxury Electric SUVs for 2024

Here’s my selection of the most luxurious electric SUVs available in 2024 and 2023:

1. Rivian R1S


Rivian R1S - best luxury electric SUV 2024

The Rivian R1S brings a unique adventurous spirit as an electric SUV that’s just as capable on pavement as off-road.

This luxury electric SUV with 3rd row has seating for up to 7, exceptional cargo capacity, and stunning performance from its quad-motor AWD powertrain producing over 800 horsepower. With up to 316 miles of range, the R1S provides enough daily range for most drivers.

Where the R1S truly shines are the details, from the interior materials to the built-in flashlights. The R1S also features handy power outlets and an air compressor in the trunk!

In the video below you can have a look at the spacious and well-built interior of the R1S, as well as get the opinion of its owner:

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The R1S also features Alexa integration and various connected services thanks to Rivian’s partnership with Amazon.

Starting at $78,000 before options, the R1S brings together luxury, adventure, and sustainability in a very appealing way for American buyers.

The R1S does fall slightly short of the maximum range compared to some rivals, but you will likely not even notice the difference.

It may also take some time to get used to the touchscreen controls.

My Take on the Rivian R1S

The Rivian R1S is my top pick if you want a luxury SUV with maximum comfort and off-road capabilities. This is ideal for luxury buyers who want an electric SUV equally capable on and off the pavement.

Buyers with a family and focused on luxury cruising and commuting would absolutely love the Rivian R1S!

Towing and hauling are no issues with the R1S (as long as it is not your primary focus). However, if you are looking for the maximum range, then you may be better served by other options.

Rivian R1S - electric SUV - front view
Horsepower835 hp
0-60 mph3 sec
Range321 mi
SeatingUp to 7
Rivian R1S – Luxury Electric SUV specs


  • Very spacious
  • 800+ hp
  • Beautiful interior
  • 3rd row, 7 seats
  • Lots of storage space
  • Off-road ready


  • Only touch controls

2. Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

BEST Luxury Interiors

Mercedes-Benz EQS - luxury electric SUV with best interiors

The EQS SUV is Mercedes-Benz’s first electric SUV, and it delivers exactly what you’d expect: cutting-edge technology, power, and luxury.

With seating for up to 7 passengers (optional 3rd row), this full-size SUV has a driving range of up to 305 miles from its large 108 kWh battery. Impressive performance comes from electric AWD with up to 536 horsepower.

The EQS SUV has excellent maneuverability. In fact, the rear wheels are steering up to 10 degrees to aid maneuver in tight corners at low speed.

Inside, the EQS SUV provides a tranquil sanctuary with ambient lighting, Napa leather, and the latest tech like the MBUX Hyperscreen.

Note that the MBUX Hyperscreen is a large glass screen going along the entire width of the front row, however, the actual screens are just 3 rectangles placed under the main glass.

Active Brake Pedal

A unique and possibly annoying feature of the Mercedes EQS SUV is that when you activate the regenerative braking, the brake pedal moves up and down while you are driving. So if the system is recovering more energy (hence slowing down more) the brake pedal will be slightly pushed down. This can be annoying for some drivers, so I recommend you do a test drive before purchasing this SUV.

Here’s a great video review of the Mercedes EQS SUV:

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An available off-road model provides even more capability. Of course, expect a six-figure price tag starting around $104,000.

The main downsides of the EQS SUV are its high cost and the lack of a forward trunk (the hood doesn’t open). Mercedes’ dealer network is also transitioning to supporting EVs.

My Take on the Mercedes EQS

For luxury buyers who want a fully-featured electric flagship SUV with cutting-edge tech and maximum range, the EQS SUV delivers.

The EQS SUV is hands down the best in terms of luxurious interiors and comfort. Expect a sublime driving experience from this pinnacle Mercedes EV.

If the active brake pedal feature is not an issue for you, then the main downsides are the price and the lack of a front trunk.

Mercedes-Benz EQS - luxury electric SUV
Horsepower536 hp
0-60 mph4.5 sec
Range305 mi
SeatingUp to 7
Mercedes EQS – Luxury Electric SUV specs


  • Luxury interior
  • Excellent acoustic isolation
  • Incredible comfort
  • 300+ mile range
  • Prestige brand


  • Expensive
  • No front trunk
  • Mostly touchscreen controls

3. BMW iX

Alternative Design

BMW iX 2024 - luxury electric SUV

The iX sees BMW enter the world of electric SUVs in familiar ultimate driving machine fashion. This midsize luxury SUV comes well-equipped starting in the mid $80,000s.

Optional AWD versions make over 500 horsepower for vigorous acceleration.

Inside, buyers get the latest technology like an augmented reality head-up display along with BMW’s excellent fit and finish.

The iX also leads competitors with an EPA-estimated range approaching 325 miles from its large battery.

In addition, the iX features rear wheels steering to help to drive in tight spots.

Here’s a more in-depth video review of the BMW iX:

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The exterior styling of the iX is quite polarizing, however. BMW’s complex iDrive system also has a learning curve over more intuitive interfaces.

My Take on the BMW iX

The BMW iX shows the brand’s strengths like performance and driver enjoyment translate seamlessly to an EV.

Drivers who can embrace its unique style and tech will find this to be one of the best driving and longest-range options.

The main potential issue that some people may have with this car is its polarizing looks.

Horsepower610 hp
0-60 mph4.6 sec
Range324 mi


  • 325 mile range
  • Engaging handling
  • Cutting-edge tech


  • Polarizing looks
  • No front trunk

4. Tesla Model X

The Most Sportive

Tesla Model X - Falcon Wing Doors

The Tesla Model X is the largest SUV offered by the EV pioneer, with seating for up to 7 passengers.

Available Long Range and high-performance versions mean buyers can choose maximum range or acceleration. The Long Range offers 360 miles on a charge, while the Plaid hits 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

An enormous 17-inch touchscreen and the latest autopilot driver assistance tech make the Model X feel like the future. Over-the-air updates add new functionality over time.

Pricing starts at around $68,590 after Federal Tax credits for the Model X. Which is quite pricey.

Here’s an honest video review by an owner of the Tesla Model X (2023 model):

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Some buyers may prefer more traditional controls and interfaces over the massive touchscreen. Build quality has also been a complaint in early Model X examples.

My Take on the Tesla Model X

With game-changing performance, cutting-edge tech, and seating for the whole family, the Tesla Model X shows why Tesla dominates the electric luxury SUV space in America.

However, some traditional luxury buyers may want more refinement.

Additionally, not everybody likes to control everything from the touchscreen.

However, if you are looking for an electric SUV with amazing performance, this is it!

Tesla Model X - best luxury electric SUV
Price$68,590+ (after Tax Credits)
Horsepower1,020 hp
0-60 mph2.5 sec
Range333 – 348 miles
SeatingUp to 7


  • Industry-leading tech
  • Seats up to 7
  • Blistering acceleration
  • High tech
  • Autopilot


  • Minimalist interior
  • Quality concerns
  • Expensive
  • Everything is controlled by the touchscreen

5. Cadillac Lyriq

Classic Luxury

Cadillac Lyriq

The Lyriq marks Cadillac’s first entry into the EV space, and it’s impressive. This midsize SUV starts around $60,000 and comes standard with rear-wheel drive and 340 horsepower, doing 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds.

An available performance model has AWD and 500 horsepower.

With 300+ miles of range and technology like the 33-inch LED display and Super Cruise driver assistance, the Lyriq feels cutting-edge.

Here’s a more in-depth review of the Cadillac Lyriq:

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19-speaker AKG audio and an AR head-up display elevate the luxury factor as well.

The interior of the Lyriq has a very nice luxury feel, with premium materials and a great design. It has massaging seats and even speakers on the headrest!

It doesn’t have a front trunk storage, and the Lyriq lacks the brand cachet of established luxury competitors.

My Take on the Cadillac Lyriq

The 2024 Cadillac Lyriq presents an excellent combination of range, technology, and performance with a classic luxury design.

It represents an exciting new era for an iconic American luxury brand.

Some may prefer more cabin space or brand familiarity, but the Lyriq is a pretty solid choice and offers excellent value and luxury features for the price.

Horsepower340 hp
0-60 mph4.6 sec
Range300 mi


  • Fast charging
  • 300 mile range
  • High-tech luxury interior
  • Good value for the price


  • No fron trunk
  • Lesser known brand

6. Audi Q8 e-tron

Audi Q8 e-Tron

The 2024 Q8 e-Tron is Audi’s fully electric SUV. This midsize luxury EV seats 5 passengers and provides a premium, tech-filled interior true to the Audi brand.

All e-Trons come standard with AWD and produce between 402 and 496 horsepower for vigorous acceleration using a single-gear transmission.

Audi’s cutting-edge cockpit includes available virtual gauges and dual touchscreens. The 114 kWh battery in upgraded models provides over 280 miles of EPA range, and fast charging can restore 80% in about 30 minutes.

If you want to dive deeper into this electric SUV, I suggest having a look at the video review below:

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The Q8 e-Tron has a small front trunk and good storage space overall.

Base prices exceed $70,000, and the Audi badge doesn’t carry quite the prestige of other German rivals. The e-tron also lacks third-row seating.

My Take on the Audi e-Tron

The e-Tron presents Audi’s strengths like technology, design, and performance in an electric luxury SUV package.

However, tight rear seat space and shorter range may limit appeal versus rivals for some buyers.

Horsepower402 hp
0-60 mph5.4 sec
Range285 mi


  • Sporty driving
  • Luxury interior
  • Fast charging


  • A bit expensive for a midsize
  • No 3rd row

7. Jaguar I-Pace

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The Jaguar I-Pace demonstrates the British brand’s sporting heritage in an electric SUV package starting around $70,000.

The rakish I-Pace seats up to 5 passengers powered by 394 horsepower from its AWD electric powertrain that accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 quick seconds.

Inside, the I-Pace features Jaguar’s upscale cabin furnishings with available Windsor leather and a 10-inch touchscreen with Amazon Alexa. The battery is EPA-rated for 246 miles of range.

Efficiency and charging speeds trail newer luxury competitors. The Jaguar brand also lacks the prestige of its German rivals in the US market.

My Take on the

The Jaguar I-Pace provides an athletic and luxurious option for EV buyers wanting something left of center.

However, its limited range and brand perception may deter some from looking strictly for the latest and greatest luxury electric SUV.

Horsepower394 hp
0-60 mph4.5 sec
Range246 mi


  • Sporty driving
  • Nice interior
  • Alexa capable


  • Low range/efficiency
  • Lesser known brand
  • Less modern looks
  • Not as luxury as other rivals

8. Tesla Model Y

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The Tesla Model Y is the brand’s first compact luxury SUV. Available Long Range or high-performance variants provide seating for up to 5. Impressively, even the entry-level Model Y dashes to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. All models offer AWD.

Cutting-edge tech like Tesla’s advanced autopilot driver assistance comes standard. Plus, Tesla’s vast Supercharger network enables convenient long-distance travel.

Prices start at around $65,000 for the Model Y. That’s a quite high price tag for this car.

Many traditional luxury touches are absent in the Model Y’s minimalist interior. Ride quality skews firm, and build issues have plagued early models. Some quality issues still remain, but Tesla is working hard to address them.

My Take on the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y makes EV performance, range, and technology accessible in a compact luxury SUV package.

On a Tesla, almost everything is controlled by the touchscreen, including the air vents, windshield wipers, and much more. This type of setup, while high-tech, may not appeal to everybody.

However, drivers wanting more refinement may prefer rival brands.

Horsepower346 hp
0-60 mph4.8 sec
Range330 mi


  • Rapid acceleration
  • Excellent to drive
  • Leading-edge tech
  • Supercharger network
  • Autopilot


  • Expensive
  • Stiff ride
  • Interior austerity
  • Some potential quality issues
  • Slightly reduced visibility at the back
  • The touchscreen controls everything

9. Genesis GV60

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The GV60 sits atop Genesis’ lineup as the luxury brand’s first dedicated electric model. Prices start around $59,290 for this handsome, RWD crossover SUV.

An available AWD Performance model boasts 429 horsepower and sprints to 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

Inside, the GV60 features sustainable interior materials and the latest tech like a crystal sphere shifter and 12.3-inch digital gauges. A 74 kWh battery delivers over 200 miles of range. The GV60 comes well-equipped.

The GV60 has a small front trunk and quite good storage space overall.

Limited brand recognition and a relatively small dealer network put the GV60 at a disadvantage. Rear seat and cargo space trail some competitors as well.

My Take on the Genesis GV60

The Genesis GV60 provides a strong value among electric luxury SUVs with its combination of performance, range, and features.

However, its brand cachet and interior space may limit its broad appeal currently.

Horsepower429 hp
0-60 mph4.0 sec
Range248 mi


  • Sharp design
  • 230+ mile range
  • High-tech interior
  • Great interior


  • Lesser known brand
  • Tight interior space
  • Relatively small

Choosing the Best Luxury Electric SUV for 2024

If you’re shopping for a luxury electric SUV for 2024, this guide highlights the top contenders worth considering. Clearly, there are excellent options appealing to all preferences.

As you evaluate choices, think about key factors like:

  • Cost – Luxury SUV prices span from around $55,000 to $125,000.
  • Body Style – Midsize two-row and larger three-row layouts are available.
  • Performance – Some focus on refinement while others prioritize speed.
  • Range – Real-world estimates between 200 to over 300 miles per charge.
  • Charging – Support for faster DC charging up to 200 kW makes a difference.
  • Interior Luxury – Premium materials and tech provide the luxury distinction.
  • Off-road capabilities – 4WD and a higher ride are a must.

It’s an exciting time for luxury electric vehicles. As 2024 approaches, models like the Rivian R1S, BMW iX, and Mercedes EQS SUV mark a new EV era with compelling range, performance, and amenities.

While Tesla still leads in high-tech features, the overall competitive field has significantly expanded. Whether you prioritize athletic driving manners, maximum luxury, or daily utility, there’s a luxury electric SUV ready to satisfy.


Here is a quick overview of the best luxury electric SUVs for 2024:

  1. Rivian R1S
  2. Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV
  3. Tesla Model X
  4. BMW iX
  5. Cadillac Lyriq
  6. Audi e-tron
  7. Jaguar I-Pace
  8. Tesla Model Y
  9. Genesis GV60

As battery costs keep decreasing and charging networks grow, luxury automakers are firmly committing to electric lineups. We’ll see even more compelling options in the coming years as performance improves across the board.

Many in the industry predict 2025 may be the tipping point where electric sales surpass gas-powered models. It’s also when some nations are banning sales of new fossil fuel vehicles.

Exciting technologies like solid-state batteries promise to revolutionize EVs with greater densities for increased range. The trajectory suggests the best is yet to come.

Luxury buyers looking for the most advanced and sustainable vehicles will find more electric SUVs catering to their needs and desires than ever before.

For now, buyers have an excellent selection of luxury electric SUVs for 2024 to suit luxury tastes and environmental sensibilities.

With their instant power, silent driving, and high-tech features, these electric SUVs bring a new dimension to the luxury vehicle experience. As adoption continues to accelerate, it ensures more renewable luxury options for the road ahead.

What’s your favorite luxury electric SUV? Let me know in the comments below!

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