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10 Best Helmets for Electric Scooters (for Safety & Style)

Helmets designed for electric scooter use are specifically built to withstand impacts at speeds typically encountered on urban roads, and they often incorporate features like enhanced visibility and weather protection.

While in most cases a bicycle helmet would be enough, e-scooter riders might prefer stronger build quality and additional protection around the back of the head, as falls from scooters can have different impact patterns.

So let’s have a look at the best helmets for electric scooters!

Best Picks for Electric Scooter Helmets

We’ve researched the market extensively to curate a list of the best helmets that combine comfort, style, and, most importantly, protection. From innovative designs to reliable construction, our recommendations cater to a variety of preferences and requirements.

1. Retrospec Dakota Helmet

We find the Retrospec Dakota Helmet offers commendable protection and comfort for electric scooter enthusiasts, making it a top choice for daily commutes.


  • Superior shock absorption with quality EPS foam nestled in a tough ABS exterior
  • Exceptional airflow due to ten strategically placed vents
  • Customizable fit with interchangeable inner pad sets and adjustable straps


  • Outer matte finish may be prone to visible scuffs from impacts or abrasions
  • The helmet might feel bulkier for some due to robust construction
  • Some may find the color lighter than advertised

When we took to the streets with the Retrospec Dakota Helmet, its lightweight feel, despite the substantial protection it offers, stood out. The skate-inspired design isn’t only about looks; it cradles the head comfortably, anchored securely by the adjustable straps. The foam padding inside, which comes in two thicknesses for a personalized fit, hugged our heads pleasantly without any unwanted pressure.

Ventilation was another highlight during our rides. With ten vents generously distributed across the helmet, we enjoyed a breezy feel even on warmer days. The constant flow of fresh air was refreshing, especially during those long stretches on the scooter.

We also appreciated the helmet’s commitment to safety, which is evident in its firm EPS foam core and rugged ABS shell. The two interact seamlessly to dissipate the force from any impacts, which gives us greater peace of mind when navigating busy city streets.

In summary, the Retrospec Dakota Helmet blends safety, style, and comfort in a way that meets the essential needs of electric scooter riders. It’s a solid investment for anyone serious about their commuting gear.

2. OutdoorMaster Scooter Helmet

We think you’ll appreciate how the OutdoorMaster Helmet combines comfort, style, and protection for your electric scooter adventures.


  • Impressive impact resistance with sturdy materials
  • Comes with additional liners for a customizable fit
  • Certified for multiple sports, offering great versatility


  • Could have more color options for personal preference
  • Extra liners mean you might need to store them somewhere
  • May not suit those who prefer a different aesthetic

Having just taken the OutdoorMaster Helmet for a spin, I must say the comfort level was as impressive as reported. The dual adjustment system allowed us to dial in the perfect fit effortlessly, which, when paired with the padded chin strap, meant no pinching or discomfort no matter how long the ride lasted.

The ventilation system deserves praise too. Even during an active ride around town, it kept our heads cool, preventing that all-too-familiar buildup of sweat. Plus, the thought of having an extra layer of security with its reinforced shell and EPS core put our minds at ease.

Let’s talk about aesthetics and functionality. I found the design modern and sleek, fitting in well with the urban scooter landscape, while the added peace of mind that comes with certified safety standards is invaluable. True, it isn’t the helmet you’d pick for its wide range of colors, but the neutral tones it does offer have their own subtle appeal.

Sharing our experiences with added honesty and zero fluff, we’re confident in the investment quality of this helmet. It’s a reliable companion on the road, blending safety features seamlessly with a design that doesn’t scream ‘safety gear’. Whether you’re dodging through city traffic or enjoying a scenic pathway, the OutdoorMaster Helmet steps up to the plate.

3. ILM Adult Bike Helmet

ILM’s helmet instantly boosts our confidence in night rides with its built-in lights and provides solid protection in urban environments.


  • The integrated LED lights enhance visibility during dawn and dusk rides.
  • Its substantial ventilation system prevents overheating on warm days.
  • The adjustable size system ensures a snug and comfortable fit.


  • The visor may fog up in certain weather conditions.
  • The helmet feels bulkier than some other options.
  • Limited airflow could be a concern for very hot and strenuous rides.

Riding through the city, we appreciate helmets that give us peace of mind, and the ILM Adult Bike Helmet does just that. It sits comfortably on our heads, and with the simple twist of a dial, we get the perfect fit, which is crucial when dodging traffic and navigating through the urban jungle. The integrated lights are a game changer, making us noticeable when the sun starts to set.

The robust construction is noticeable as soon as we take it out on the road. We feel the helmet’s solidity without it being a burden, thanks to the well-distributed weight. Moreover, the vents are a welcome feature, channeling a breeze across our heads, which is refreshing, especially when we’re stopped at a red light under the midday sun.

One aspect we can’t overlook is the visor – it shields our eyes from the sun and dust perfectly without distorting our vision. It’s become obvious to us that ILM has put thought into the everyday challenges we face as scooter riders. Whether it’s the lights for visibility or the snug fit that keeps the helmet securely in place, our safety and comfort seem to be their priority.

4. Apusale Kids Helmet

In our recent rides around the city, we found the Apusale Kids Helmet strikes just the right balance between comfort and safety for electric scooter enthusiasts.


  • Robust protection with its rugged ABS shell and shock-absorbent EPS foam.
  • Excellent breathability provided by the 12 air vents, keeping you cool.
  • Personalized fit from the adjustable dial, ensuring the helmet stays snug and secure.


  • Limited sizing could be an issue for those in between the available options.
  • While the colors are vibrant, there might not be enough variety for every taste.
  • At 12.48 ounces, some might find it a touch heavier than other youth helmets.

Out on the road, it’s clear why the Apusale Kids Helmet is a crowd favorite. The robust outer shell dispels any fears of damage when we’re zipping through traffic on our electric scooters. After taking a friendly nudge from a low hanging branch, I was impressed with how well the helmet absorbed the impact, leaving me without a scratch.

We especially appreciate the thought that went into ventilation; wearing it during a particularly sunny day proved the 12 vents are no gimmick. The comfort level was high throughout the ride, and there was no annoying sweat buildup that you sometimes get with lesser helmets.

Adjusting the helmet is a breeze with the rear dial. I personally enjoyed the snug fit without feeling like my head was squeezed into submission. When a friend needed to borrow it, a quick twiddle of the dial readjusted the fit for their smaller head size in seconds. The quick-release buckle added to our sense of security, making us confident that the helmet would stay put in any situation.

5. OutdoorMaster Kids Helmet

In our experience, this OutdoorMaster helmet combines comfort, durability, and multi-sport versatility, making it an excellent choice for young electric scooter enthusiasts.


  • Robust build with reinforced ABS shell and thickened EPS core
  • Comes with additional removable liners, optimizing fit and hygiene
  • Features a dial for precision fit and a comfortable strap for security


  • Its style may appear bulky on smaller heads
  • The oval shape inside might not suit all head shapes comfortably
  • Color choices are limited, which may not appeal to all tastes

After giving the OutdoorMaster Kids Helmet a whirl, we’ve found its robust construction to be a standout feature. The reinforced ABS shell coupled with the thickened EPS core gives us peace of mind, knowing it’s designed to withstand impacts. We’ve found the ventilation system does a great job at keeping the head cool, which is essential when zipping around on an electric scooter on warm days.

We especially appreciate the extra liners that come with the helmet. Not only do they allow for a more customized fit as kids grow, but they can also be easily removed and washed, helping maintain cleanliness after a long day’s ride. The ease of adjusting the fit with the dial system made it so much simpler to achieve a snug and secure fit, which is crucial for safety and comfort.

The design might not be for every taste, with some feedback suggesting the helmet runs a bit large, potentially looking awkward on smaller kids. However, the mint color is muted and versatile, matching well with various scooter designs. While the shape inside the helmet might feel a bit tight for some, overall, we’ve seen our little riders enjoy their rides without complaints of discomfort.

6. Bavilk Kids Scooter Helmet

If you’re in search of a reliable helmet for your child’s electric scooter adventures, this helmet is a solid choice for its safety features and comfort.


  • Integrated LED safety light with different modes
  • Adjustable fit caters to a range of head sizes
  • Streamlined design with ample airflow


  • Straps may fray over time
  • Color match may not be perfect for all preferences
  • Limited size range might not suit every child

We recently took the Bavilk helmet out for a spin and our impressions were largely positive. The helmet’s construction is sturdy, giving us peace of mind as we watched our little ones scoot around the neighborhood. The dial at the back of the helmet made it a breeze to adjust for a snug and secure fit, even as our kids grow.

The ventilation system deserves praise. With 16 air channels, there were no complaints of overheating, even on sunnier days. Adding to our children’s enthusiasm was the detachable visor – it’s a simple yet effective design element that shields their eyes from the sun.

Even as dusk approached, the helmet’s warning tail light became our favorite feature. The steady and flashing modes ensured our young riders were visible to others, enhancing safety further. That being said, after some months of use, we noticed a bit of fraying on the straps, suggesting that durability could be improved. Yet, considering the overall quality and the added LED feature, we feel it offers good value.

7. VicGoal Cycling Helmet

We found that this helmet provides an excellent balance of comfort, protection, and convenient features for electric scooter riders.


  • Great ventilation keeps our heads cool even on warm days.
  • The rear light enhances visibility, contributing to safety during night rides.
  • Detachable magnetic goggles shield eyes from the sun and debris without hindering the usage of prescription glasses.


  • The sizing can be tricky; ensure you measure your head correctly to avoid a tight fit.
  • The look may not appeal to everyone; style preferences can be very subjective.
  • Although lightweight, some users might prefer even lighter options.

The search for the right helmet can be daunting, but we’re impressed with the VicGoal Cycling Helmet’s snug fit without creating pressure points, making it a good choice for extended rides. Adjusting it is a cinch, and once dialed in, it stays firmly in place, giving us one less thing to worry about on our commute or leisure ride.

Ventilation is a standout feature on hot days. Our heads stay cool, promoting comfort and concentration. We also appreciate the added safety the integrated taillight provides. Motorists have no trouble spotting us from a distance, which is critical for evening adventures.

The magnetic goggles are a game-changer. They snap on and off effortlessly, making the transition from sunny streets to shaded paths hassle-free, all while accommodating those of us who wear eyeglasses. Riding our electric scooters with this helmet feels like it’s truly designed for the modern urban rider.

8. OutdoorMaster Commuter Helmet

We believe this helmet is an excellent investment for any e-scooter enthusiast valuing comfort and safety in a sleek package.


  • Adapts comfortably to a range of head sizes
  • Provides robust protection with durable materials
  • Promotes airflow with a well-ventilated design


  • Fit may be too snug for some preferences
  • Limited color options may not suit all styles
  • Visor is non-adjustable, which might be a drawback for some

The OutdoorMaster helmet snugly cradled my head, giving a reassuring sense that it’s designed to protect. Its adjustable band allowed me to tailor the fit until it was just right—neither too tight nor too loose. The ease of achieving a personalized fit enhanced my riding experience.

I appreciated the breathability provided by the numerous vents. Even on a ride through the city on a warm day, my head remained cool, preventing any discomfort often associated with lesser ventilated helmets. The washable pads are a welcome feature, ensuring that I could keep the helmet fresh and ready for daily use.

Another aspect that stood out to me was the helmet’s weight—or lack thereof. It felt light on my head, which meant that even after extended periods on my e-scooter, I didn’t experience any neck strain. However, despite its lightweight, the sturdy materials didn’t make me question its ability to protect in the case of a fall.

In summary, our hands-on experience with the OutdoorMaster helmet confirms its quality and thoughtful design—making it a dependable choice for regular electric scooter rides.

9. Exclusky Urban Helmet

We should consider this helmet for its comfort, safety features, and sleek design, making it a top contender for urban commuting.


  • Superior impact protection with advanced ABS shell and EPS foam
  • USB rechargeable rear light with multiple modes enhances visibility
  • Adjustable fit and ventilation keep us comfortable and cool


  • The rear light may lack secure attachment
  • Limited style options may not suit everyone’s taste
  • At 82 ratings, it’s less tested on the market than some alternatives

Having just cruised through the cityscape, we appreciate the robust safety features of this Exclusky helmet. The helmet’s construction instills confidence, with the dense foam mitigating impacts efficiently. We can testify that the shell can take a knock without compromising the helmet’s integrity, providing peace of mind in bustling traffic.

The adjustable circumference is a relief; we found the helmet hugs our heads snugly without any pinching. The ease of adjustment means we can share it among friends or family with minimal fuss. The liner, which we can detach and clean, wicks away sweat, avoiding that all-too-common discomfort on longer rides under the sun.

What seals the deal for us is the brilliant USB rear light. It’s a valuable feature that makes us more visible during night rides or dusk, though we did notice the light attachment could be more secure. Despite this minor gripe, the added visibility is a welcome bonus for safety.

Overall, we believe the Exclusky Urban Helmet strikes the right balance between essential safety features and user comfort. It’s not just another piece of gear but a reliable companion for our daily commutes.

10. JBM Multi-Sport Helmet

We recommend this helmet for its comfort, adjustability, and comprehensive protection while engaging in electric scooter activities.


  • Effective ventilation keeps you cool
  • Adjustable straps provide a snug fit for a variety of head sizes
  • Impact-resistant materials offer dependable head protection


  • Limited style and color options
  • May not fit well on very large head sizes despite adjustability
  • Straps may require frequent adjusting to maintain the perfect fit

Impressed with the JBM Multi-Sport Helmet from our latest excursion, we found it remarkably light and comfortable on a long and hot scooter ride. The ventilation truly makes a difference – no struggle with overheating, as the air flows through the helmet, keeping our heads cool and reducing the urge to lift the helmet for a breather.

Strap adjustments stood out during our use. Initially sightseeing with the helmet felt too tight, but a simple strap tweak provided the ideal fit. This feature shone when friends with varying head sizes tried it on – the helmet was universally comfortable, much to our satisfaction.

Durability is often a concern, but not with this helmet. The robust materials gave us peace of mind, taking a bit of the edge off the usual worries about safety. Despite a few minor bumps here and there on our route, the helmet’s hard shell absorbed the impacts, leaving us unscathed and ready to roll again.

Buying Guide

Safety Standards

When selecting a helmet for electric scooters, our top priority must be safety. We look for certifications such as CPSC, EN 1078, or ASTM, which indicate the helmet has passed rigorous testing.

Helmet Size and Fit

To ensure maximum protection, the helmet must fit our head properly. We measure the circumference of our head and consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart. The helmet should sit snugly, with the strap comfortably tight to prevent it from moving or falling off during a ride.

Helmet SizeHead Circumference (inches)
Small20 – 21.75
Medium21.75 – 23.25
Large23.25 – 24.75

Comfort and Ventilation

Comfort is critical for long rides. We look for helmets with adequate padding and ventilation holes to keep us cool.

  • Padding: Removable for easy cleaning.
  • Ventilation: Multiple vents for airflow.


For riding in low-light conditions, a helmet with high visibility is key. We consider features such as:

  • Reflective elements.
  • Bright colors.


We opt for helmets made with tough materials that can withstand impacts and abrasion. An outer shell of ABS plastic or polycarbonate with an EPS foam liner is a strong combination.


A lighter helmet can reduce strain on our neck. We aim for a balance between lightness and robust safety features.

  • Ideal Weight Range: 300-400 grams for a medium-sized helmet.

By considering these features, we can make an informed decision to ensure our safety while enjoying electric scooter rides.


Is there a difference in safety standards for e-scooter helmets compared to other scooter or motorcycle helmets?

E-scooter helmets must meet specific safety standards, such as the CPSC standard for bicycle helmets. While similar, motorcycle helmets comply with more rigorous standards due to higher speed capabilities. It’s crucial we choose helmets that adhere to established standards for our intended use.

How do full-face helmets compare to other helmet types for electric scooter use?

Full-face helmets offer comprehensive protection, covering the entire face and jaw, which is beneficial in the event of a fall. For electric scooter riders, they provide a higher level of protection compared to half or three-quarter helmets, which is especially important at higher speeds or in traffic.

Should I consider any additional protective gear aside from the helmet when riding an electric scooter?

Absolutely. We recommend wearing additional protective gear such as knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and appropriate footwear. Reflective clothing can also enhance visibility. This gear helps to reduce the risk of injury in case of accidents or falls.

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