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9 Best Electric Scooter for Adults Under $500: (Budget-Friendly)

Finding the best electric scooter under $500 means balancing cost with features and reliability. It’s crucial to consider battery life, which dictates how far you can go on a single charge, and the motor’s power, impacting the scooter’s speed and ability to climb hills.

Additionally, the scooter’s weight and foldability affect its portability, while durability ensures that it can withstand daily use.

Our extensive research and rigorous testing of various models have distilled the vast market down to the most reliable e-scooters that bring value for money and performance, aiming to ease the decision-making process for potential buyers looking for the best electric scooter for adults under $500.

Top Electric Scooters for Adults Under $500

Staying under the $500 threshold, we’re excited to present our selection of electric scooters that balances cost with performance, safety, and durability. Whether it’s for your daily commute or leisurely rides, these scooters offer a sustainable and efficient way to navigate with ease.

1. 5TH WHEEL V30PRO Scooter

We believe the 5TH Wheel V30Pro is a solid option for those seeking a dependable electric scooter without breaking the bank.


  • The turn signals and rear shock absorption enhance the safety and comfort of the ride.
  • Its folding system and light weight allow for convenient storage and portability.
  • Integrated app control adds to the convenience of customizing the scooter experience.


  • Solid tires may offer a rougher ride on uneven surfaces compared to pneumatic options.
  • The 19.9-mile range can be limiting for longer commutes or adventures.
  • A 5.5-hour charging time requires some planning for daily usage.

We’ve just had the chance to take the 5TH Wheel V30Pro for a spin, and it’s immediately clear that it’s built with the urban commuter in mind. The scooter’s ease of folding coupled with its lightweight design, strikes a good balance between portability and performance. Glide through city streets, and when you’re done, a simple fold-and-lock mechanism makes it a breeze to store away or carry onto public transportation.

Riding safety is paramount, and the inclusion of turn signals is a thoughtful touch that gives you and the surrounding traffic clear signals of your intentions. This, along with a solid braking system, conveys a sense of confidence while navigating through crowded areas.

The scooter’s cruise control is particularly helpful during longer rides; maintaining a steady pace without keeping constant pressure on the throttle saves your thumb from fatigue. However, the 10-inch solid tires do trade-off some shock absorption for durability. While they’re immune to punctures, you’ll feel more of the road’s imperfections, especially if venturing off smooth tarmac.

As for the battery life, it’s sufficient for moderate distances, making it a viable candidate for daily commutes. But, if your travels often exceed 20 miles, you might find yourself anxiously watching the battery indicator or planning a strategic pit stop for a recharge. Keep in mind, it’s always wise to top off the battery before setting out, as the full charging cycle is a significant portion of the day.

In summary, the 5TH Wheel V30Pro offers a blend of features and affordability. It presents a compelling case for those looking for a reliable, no-fuss transport solution with a safety-focused design. Just remember to consider your typical journey length and terrain to ensure it aligns with the scooter’s performance profile.

2. SEHOMY E-Scooter for Urban Commutes

If you’re in the market for an affordable, efficient way to zip around town, this scooter’s your match, combining convenience with a touch of style.


  • Quick and straightforward assembly right out of the box.
  • Robust build, comfortably supporting up to 265 lbs with ease.
  • The foldability factor turns it into a breeze to store and transport.


  • Limited range may not suit long-distance commuters.
  • While lightweight, some may find 34.5 lbs slightly hefty to carry frequently.
  • Braking system requires regular maintenance for optimal safety.

Zipping through town has never been more effortless. Today’s spin with the SEHOMY E-Scooter underscored its simplicity. Straight off the bat, embedding the seat and basket took no more than a few minutes, a genuine timesaver. The ride felt peaceful, albeit exhilarating with the wind brushing past. Whatever your size, the steady frame instills confidence throughout the journey.

Parking the scooter, its foldable design made it a non-issue, tucking away neatly into the trunk. Those lunch trips just became a little brighter with the SEHOMY stashed in the back. And should the sun dip below the horizon, vibrant LED lights carve out a clear path ahead, reassuring for those evening rides back home.

Despite its perks, the scooter’s 20-mile range can be a deal-breaker for some long-distance errands, so map your route in advance. After a few carries, its weight can be noticeable, something to bear in mind if stairs are part of your daily trek. Staying on top of brake maintenance ensures each ride remains a safe and joyous adventure.

In our view, the SEHOMY E-Scooter strikes a fine balance for the cost-conscious, active adult. Its few drawbacks are overshadowed by the sheer convenience and simple joys it brings to those shorter commutes and errand runs. It may be green in color, but for us, it’s green for ‘go’ on the buying front.

3. URBANMAX C1 Scooter

After zipping around town on the URBANMAX C1 Scooter, we believe it strikes a fine balance between price and performance for those shopping under $500.


  • Impressive speed and range for its class
  • Commendably comfortable and adjustable seating
  • Robust build with an intuitive digital display


  • Could be more compact when folded
  • Acceleration might feel sluggish for some
  • Limited to 3 preset speed modes

Zipping through the city on the URBANMAX C1, we admired how it handled the urban landscape. The scooter’s robust motor and worthwhile mileage make it a reliable partner for daily commutes. Its adjustable seat is a bonus, accommodating a wide range of riders comfortably, and the 12″ wheels take in the bumps, making for a smoother ride than many alternatives.

Let’s talk about portability. While it folds easily and is manageable to lift, if you’re often on the go, carrying it around might be something to consider. The folding feature is handy for storage or tossing into the trunk, but it’s not as compact as some bare-bones models. That said, we appreciate its sturdiness—a noticeable trade-off.

During evening outings, the powerful headlight and rear brake light kept us visible and secure. The dual braking system conferred much-needed peace of mind, especially when navigating through traffic. However, some might find the preset speed modes a tad restrictive, missing the freedom to inch up or dial down the pace at will.

Overall, if you’re on the hunt for a reliable electric scooter that won’t break the bank but still delivers a solid performance, the URBANMAX C1 should be on your shortlist. It’s a well-rounded scooter that elevates the daily commute, blending comfort, safety, and convenience impressively.

4. Superfun Scooter for Adults

We think this scooter offers a solid balance of efficiency and performance for its price, making it a great choice for adult riders seeking value and reliability.


  • Quick folding mechanism enhances portability
  • Strong motor supports higher speeds and decent range
  • Durable and comfortable with shock absorbers and solid tires


  • The rear fender seems flimsy
  • Charger port cover could be more robust
  • Additional duties may apply upon delivery

Our experience with the Superfun Scooter was quite satisfying. As we zipped through the city streets at 19 mph, navigating our daily commute felt less like a chore and more like a breeze. The swift folding design allowed us to effortlessly transition from riding to carrying the scooter onto public transit. It’s clear that convenience is a strong suit here.

Despite the superb portability, comfort isn’t compromised. We found the dual shock absorbers and solid tires adept at smoothing out the usual bumps and cracks encountered in the urban landscape. It was reassuring to know that the sturdiness did not come at the expense of riding comfort.

However, we did notice the rear fender had a propensity to wiggle and even make contact with the tire on some occasions. While it wasn’t a deal-breaker, it’s something potential buyers might want to keep an eye on. Furthermore, the charging port cover didn’t inspire the same confidence as the rest of the scooter, hinting at a possible area for improvement in design.

In summation, our collective impression positions the Superfun Scooter as a commendable option for those looking to maximize their investment without sacrificing essential features like speed, range, and rider comfort.

5. Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

We believe the Gotrax GXL V2 strikes an impressive balance between affordability and performance for city commuters and casual riders alike.


  • Quick folding mechanism enables easy transport and storage
  • Impressively smooth ride due to the pneumatic tires
  • Battery life is sufficient for moderate daily use


  • Top speed and range may be limiting for some users
  • No suspension, which can make bumpy roads uncomfortable
  • After a few months, we noted the battery might degrade in longevity

Upon unboxing the Gotrax GXL V2, its sturdy frame and sleek matte black finish immediately suggest a premium feel at an accessible price point. The folding mechanism is intuitive, and I had no trouble fitting it in the trunk of my car or storing it under my work desk.

Riding through the city, the scooter’s 8.5″ pneumatic tires handled uneven pavement with ease, making for a comfortable commute. Despite a few encounters with potholes, the tires absorbed much of the impact, though I must admit that I missed having suspension in those rougher areas.

The scooter effortlessly maintained its top speed on flat ground, and I found the range to be true to the manufacturer’s claims, getting me to and from my local spots without needing a recharge. However, when traveling up steeper inclines, I noticed a slight dip in performance – a minor caveat for otherwise smooth operation.

During several weeks of testing, I admired the convenience the scooter afforded me on short errands. Easy to fold and light enough to carry, it made hopping in and out of shops a breeze. Its quick recharge time meant it was ready to go again with minimal downtime, though, as with any battery-powered device, we have noticed a slight decline in how long a full charge would last.

In closing, we appreciate the Gotrax GXL V2 for its contributions to our daily routines, carving a niche for itself as a reliable option among cost-conscious consumers seeking an eco-friendly and efficient mode of travel.

6. 5TH WHEEL M1 Scooter

We believe the 5TH Wheel M1 Electric Scooter is a solid pick for anyone looking for a reliable commute companion under $500.


  • Sleek and modern aesthetics that stand out from the crowd
  • Robust motor and structure, ideal for daily commuting needs
  • Enhanced safety features with a comprehensive braking system


  • Lacks suspension, which might affect ride comfort on bumpy surfaces
  • The solid tires offer less shock absorption compared to pneumatic ones
  • Certain parts may not be as durable during unforeseen accidents

Having recently taken the 5TH Wheel M1 Electric Scooter for a spin, our first impressions are pretty positive. Its compact and lightweight design doesn’t compromise on strength, easily supporting our weight, which was close to the upper limit. Folding it is a breeze, making it a great option for those multi-mode commutes or when you need to hop into a cab on rainy days.

Out on the streets, the scooter’s robust motor impressed us with its smooth acceleration and capability to handle hills without strain. Whether we were zipping through the city to meet friends or making a quick trip to the local cafe, the M1 kept pace effortlessly, and the range it offered meant we didn’t have to worry about running out of juice prematurely.

The triple braking system gave us a sense of security, especially when navigating through traffic. However, the lack of a suspension system meant we had to be extra cautious on uneven terrain to avoid any jolts. Nonetheless, the headlight and taillight features came in handy during dusk and dawn rides, ensuring we were visible to other road users.

It’s worth noting that while the 5TH Wheel M1 is a delightful ride, the absence of cushioning tires became apparent on rougher patches of road. And once, when an unexpected tumble took place, we learned the hard way that some external parts aren’t as resilient as we would like.

In short, the 5TH Wheel M1 Electric Scooter serves as a swift and stylish option for those looking to zip around town while avoiding the hassles of traffic. The combination of its functional design and reliable performance makes it a compelling choice for budget-conscious commuters.

7. Aovowheel Commuter Scooter

We recommend the Aovowheel Electric Scooter for adults under $500 for its solid performance and comfort without compromising safety.


  • Robust motor and battery combination caters to speedy commutes and long distances.
  • Advanced shock absorption provides a smooth ride even on rough surfaces.
  • Enhanced safety features like the ultra-bright headlights and dual braking system.


  • The scooter’s app has a learning curve and might be challenging for some users to navigate.
  • As a budget option, some parts may not have the high-end durability found in premium models.
  • The instructional manual could be clearer for a better setup experience.

After taking the Aovowheel Electric Scooter for a spin, we noticed its power with a quick acceleration that made our journey swift and fun. The 19 mph top speed is impressive, getting us where we needed to go without lag.

Comfort was paramount during our rides. The dual suspension system made significant bumps nearly disappear, allowing us to enjoy a rather relaxed ride across various terrains.

Safety often becomes a concern with electric scooters, but this model’s bright headlights and sufficient braking system gave us peace of mind during evening rides. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, those features are crucial for confidence on the road.

However, incorporating technology with practicality, the Aovowheel’s app feature introduces a slight complexity. Familiarizing ourselves with the app controls took some time, but it eventually added a layer of convenience to our scooter experience.

Understandably, at this price point, the scooter isn’t indestructible. Some parts felt less robust than we’d hoped. And while initial setup prompted some head-scratching due to a less-than-clear manual, once assembled, the scooter delivered on its commuting promise.

For those in search of an efficient commute or a leisurely jaunt around town, the Aovowheel Electric Scooter stands out for its blend of speed, comfort, and safety. Its few drawbacks are far outweighed by its impressive set of features, especially at this price point.

8. MEGAWHEELS S10 Scooter

Our team finds the MEGAWHEELS S10 Electric Scooter a budget-friendly travel companion for short commutes and city navigation, offering a mix of moderate power and convenience.


  • Reliable safety features with dual brake system
  • Handy LED display with essential information at a glance
  • Simple folding mechanism for easy storage and portability


  • Limited range on a single charge
  • Slower top speed compared to high-end models
  • Requires initial manual kickoff to start

After a week of using the MEGAWHEELS S10 Electric Scooter, we were quite content with its solid performance. Zipping through the neighborhood at a steady pace felt secure, thanks to the prompt and reliable braking system. The adjustable three-gear speed allowed us to transition between a leisurely cruise and a faster commute effortlessly. Riding at dusk was worry-free as well due to the bright, clear LED headlight and rearlight, enhancing visibility.

What struck us most was the convenience it offered. The foldable design and intuitive controls made it a breeze to stow away in the office or carry onto public transport. We were especially impressed with the sturdy Malleable Maple Wooden Pedal, adding a touch of durability and style.

However, we did take note of its limitations. On days with longer routes planned, it became evident that the 12-mile range could be a constraint. To get going, a short manual kickoff was required but was no hassle once used to it. For the price bracket, we conclude that the MEGAWHEELS S10 serves as an efficient last-mile solution for daily use.

Considering its easy-to-use interface, solid build, and affordable price point, we recommend the MEGAWHEELS S10 Electric Scooter for anyone looking for a short-range commuting option. While it won’t break speed records or endure marathon journeys, it meets the demands of the average urbanite wanting to navigate their cityscape with ease and style.

9. TODO S2 Electric Scooter

We found the TODO S2 Electric Scooter to be a dependable choice for our daily commutes, striking a balance between performance and portability.


  • Enhanced power with a 350W motor handling slopes and bumps effectively
  • Easy to fold and carry with a safety lock feature to prevent accidental folding
  • Durable build, complete with a comforting dual suspension and solid tires


  • A battery life that may not live up to the 12-mile promise on all terrains
  • Longer charging time which requires some planning ahead
  • The weight might be slightly cumbersome for some users to transport manually

We were pleasantly surprised by the sturdy build of the S2 right out of the box. The 350W motor took on city roads effortlessly and conquered slopes without as much as a hiccup. The acceleration felt smooth, and the ride quiet, making our trip to the office both enjoyable and efficient.

The folding mechanism with the additional safety lock added peace of mind—we never had to worry about it collapsing unexpectedly. Transitioning from riding to carrying and storage was a breeze, especially when hopping onto the subway or fitting it into a tight spot at the cafe.

However, we noticed the battery life can vary. While it usually gets us through our daily errands, on particularly active days, we did find ourselves keeping an eye on the battery indicator, wishing for a bit more longevity. This was only a minor setback, though, as careful planning and regular charging habits kept us on the move without much trouble.

The scooter’s slightly hefty profile adds to its stable ride but can be a bit of a workout when carrying it over longer distances. So if you foresee a lot of manual transport in your day, you might want to consider the weight as a factor.

All in all, the TODO S2 Electric Scooter came across as a robust and reliable companion for our urban adventures. Just give it a full charge, and it’s all set to zip you through your daily commutes with ease.

Buying Guide

When we’re in the market for an electric scooter under $500, we focus on several key features to ensure we get the best value for our money. Electric scooters vary widely in terms of quality and capabilities, so it’s crucial to understand what to look for before making a purchase.

Performance and Range

First, we consider the scooter’s performance, including the top speed and range. Our ideal scooter should have a reliable range per charge that suits our daily use without frequent recharging.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Top SpeedSuitable for our commuting needs without being excessive.
RangeEnsures we can complete our journeys on a single charge.

Build Quality and Design

Next, we evaluate the build quality and design, as these affect durability and comfort. A sturdy frame and quality materials ensure longevity, while a lightweight design facilitates portability.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Frame MaterialDetermines durability and scooter lifespan.
WeightImpacts portability and ease of use.

Battery and Charging

The battery life and charging time are also paramount. We look for scooters with a battery that can be charged quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Battery LifeMaximizes time between charges.
Charging TimeReduces waiting period for a full battery.

Safety and Braking System

Safety features, such as an effective braking system, are non-negotiable. We ensure the brakes are responsive and can handle our local riding conditions.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
BrakesKey for safe stops and controlling speed.

Tires and Suspension

Lastly, tires and suspension make a significant impact on ride quality and handling. We prefer pneumatic tires and a decent suspension system to handle various terrains comfortably.

FeatureWhy It’s Important
TiresProvide traction and smooth rides.
SuspensionAdds comfort when navigating bumps or uneven terrain.

By carefully assessing these features, we can choose an electric scooter that meets our needs, offers a smooth riding experience, and presents the best value for our budget.


In our search, we’ve identified common inquiries regarding the purchase of electric scooters under $500. We address top questions about speed potential and community recommendations below.

Can I find an electric scooter that goes up to 30 mph without exceeding the $500 price point?

Currently, finding an electric scooter that can reach up to 30 mph under $500 is a bit challenging. Most scooters at this price point have a maximum speed of around 15-20 mph due to limitations in motor power and battery capacity. Those capable of higher speeds typically demand a higher price due to the more advanced technology required.

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