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12 Best Non-Toxic Mascaras (Safe Eye Makeup in 2024)

Mascara is a staple in many makeup routines, offering the final touch to the eyes by adding length, volume, and definition to the lashes. However, traditional formulas can contain a mix of chemicals and potential irritants that cause concern among health-conscious consumers. In response, non-toxic mascaras have gained popularity, providing a safer option that steers clear of harsh chemicals without compromising on performance.

When shopping for the best non-toxic mascaras, the ingredient list should be the primary focus. Key offenders in conventional mascaras include parabens, phthalates, and synthetic dyes, which can be irritating to sensitive eyes and carry potential health risks.

Non-toxic alternatives tend to use natural waxes, plant oils, and mineral pigments to achieve similar effects to their chemical counterparts. These formulations not only minimize the potential for irritation but also cater to those with allergies or who prefer vegan and cruelty-free products.

Another important aspect is the mascara’s performance, which includes its ability to last throughout the day without smudging or flaking while still being easy to remove. The brush design can also play a crucial role in the application, with different shapes and bristle arrangements catering to various desired effects, from volumizing to lengthening and curling.

We’ve methodically examined various non-toxic mascaras to determine which products excel in both safety and efficacy, ensuring that users don’t have to compromise on their beauty standards for their well-being.

Our comprehensive research and testing highlight top non-toxic mascaras that stand out in a crowded market, promising to enhance your beauty routine while aligning with health-conscious values.

Best Non-Toxic Mascaras

Here are the best non-toxic mascaras that prioritize both your health and beauty:

1. ILIA Limitless Mascara


ILIA Limitless Mascara

We highly recommend the ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara for those seeking a clean, non-toxic formula that really enhances lash appearance without compromising on eye health.


  • Glides on without clumping, separating lashes exceptionally well
  • The conditioning formula leaves lashes feeling soft and nourished
  • Stays put throughout the day, minimizing smudges and flakes


  • Requires multiple applications for a more dramatic look
  • The price point is higher compared to some conventional mascaras
  • Some minimal flaking can occur by day’s end

After recently giving the ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara a thorough testing, we’ve been impressed by its stellar performance. The application brush is ingeniously designed to coat every single lash, reaching even those tiny ones in the corners effortlessly. Its ability to separate and lengthen has made us disregard our old mascaras in favor of this gem.

Nourishment for the lashes isn’t skimped on, either. The inclusion of organic shea butter and arginine treats your lashes to a conditioning experience usually reserved for high-end hair care products. After a full day of wear, lashes still feel flexible and strong, without that brittle sensation some mascaras leave behind.

When faced with the daily grind, this mascara holds up admirably. It’s splendid how it resists those end-of-day smudges that can leave you looking tired. And while you might notice a speck or two after several hours, it’s a small trade-off for such a clean and gentle formula. Its removal is just as impressive – a simple wipe with a gentle cleanser and it’s off, no harsh rubbing required.

2. Honest Beauty Clean Mascara

Honest Beauty Clean Mascara

We find this mascara a worthy addition to our beauty regimen, thanks to its clean formulation and impressive lash-enhancing capabilities.


  • Doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes
  • Dual-sided with primer for better length and volume
  • Free from harmful chemicals and cruelty-free


  • May require a separate makeup remover
  • Primer and mascara might clump if not carefully applied
  • Limited to one shade option which is black

When we first got our hands on the Honest Beauty Clean Mascara, the sleek packaging and promise of non-toxic ingredients were compelling. The double-ended component, housing both a primer and the mascara, made it a convenient two-step system for our busy mornings. The primer went on smoothly, setting an excellent base that definitely seemed to elevate the efficacy of the mascara.

In our experience, the application was a breeze. Our lashes looked noticeably longer and fuller, an effect we attribute to the jojoba esters that condition and bolster each lash. The black pigment was rich and lasted through our workday without flaking or smudging, which often happens with other mascaras. It’s a significant perk for us who prefer a clean yet dramatic eye look.

The only hiccup came during removal – our usual face wash didn’t completely do the trick, hinting that a stronger makeup remover might be needed. We also learned quickly that a light hand is necessary to prevent clumps. If we’re too generous with the product or don’t allow ample time for the primer to set, our lashes stick together. Lastly, while the black shade is versatile, we’d love more color variety to play with in the future.

In conclusion, the Honest Beauty Clean Mascara succeeds in providing volume and length while staying true to its clean beauty ethos. If you’re venturing into the realm of non-toxic mascaras, we’d say this one deserves a spot on your vanity.

3. Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara

We find the Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara to be a nourishing choice for those seeking lush lashes without harsh chemicals.


  • Infused with hydrating coconut oil and vitamin B
  • Long-lasting wear that doesn’t flake
  • Comes with a vegan brush for smooth application


  • May not be water-resistant for some
  • The formula might feel thin on application
  • Can smudge under extreme conditions

After sweeping the Stellar Gaze Mascara’s plush brush through our lashes, the natural mineral pigments delivered a deep, rich color that truly made our eyes pop. The formula’s infusion with coconut oil and vitamin B feels caring for our lashes rather than just cosmetic—like a treatment and beauty product in one. Our lashes stay bold and beautiful throughout the day without the stiffness often experienced with traditional mascaras.

No overpowering chemical scent here; Pacifica’s mascara is pleasantly subtle and suitable for our sensitive-eyed companions. The clean list of ingredients gives us peace of mind, knowing our eye health isn’t compromised. This has been a saving grace for those of us who wear contact lenses or battle with irritations from other mascaras.

However, we must note that if you’re prone to rubbing your eyes or caught in a downpour, this mascara might not hold up as firmly as some waterproof options. But it’s a small price to pay for comfort and lash nourishment throughout the day.

The light formula also means building up those bold lashes may take a couple of extra strokes, but the final look is well worth the effort. Even after hours of wear, there’s no flaking, leaving you panda-eye free.

4. Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara

Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara

We found this mascara to be a great option for anyone looking for a clean beauty routine with the added benefit of voluminous lashes.


  • Boosts lash volume without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • The vegan formula is gentle on sensitive eyes.
  • Easy removal despite being smudge-proof.


  • Some users might find the brush design awkward to use.
  • The black color may not be as intense as some desire.
  • Not waterproof, although it holds up reasonably well against moisture.

Upon first application, we noticed how gentle the Covergirl Lash Blast Cleantopia Mascara felt on our lashes. It’s refreshing to swipe on a product that doesn’t irritate the eyes, especially when it’s packed with nature-derived ingredients like aloe and maracuja oil. The volumizing effect was visible, giving our lashes a fuller appearance without any heaviness.

Another aspect we appreciated was its staying power. Even though it isn’t marketed as waterproof, it weathered the day’s challenges well, running only slightly under extreme conditions. It’s reassuring to know our look stays largely intact from morning till night.

The removal process was a breeze. We value that at the end of a long day, we don’t have to tug at our delicate eye area. With a touch of warm water and a dollop of coconut oil, the mascara melted away, leaving no residue behind. Our lashes felt conditioned and free from the brittleness often caused by other products.

5. Honest Beauty Clean Mascara

Honest Beauty Clean Mascara

We recommend this mascara for its gentle formula and impressive dual-function that offers both volume and length without common irritants.


  • Gentle on sensitive eyes with nourishing Jojoba Esters
  • Amplifies length with effective primer and mascara combo
  • Free from harsh chemicals and is cruelty-free


  • May require reapplication to maintain lift and length throughout the day
  • The primer might clump if not applied carefully
  • Might not withstand very humid conditions as well as some others

Upon application this morning, the feeling was notably comfortable, avoiding the usual eye irritation we’ve encountered with other mascaras. It’s a breeze to work with the primer; lashes are prepped and ready for the mascara, which glides on smoothly, giving them a natural but noticeable boost. The Jojoba infusion is apparent, lashes feel soft, not brittle.

We appreciate the brand’s commitment to clean beauty. Knowing that we’re avoiding parabens and synthetic fragrances while accentuating eyes is a relief. Today, our lashes gained both length and lift, creating that sought-after open-eye effect that lasted well into our evening gathering.

The versatility of this 2-in-1 product not only simplifies the beauty routine but also ensures that lashes are cared for. Complementing any look, from day-to-day wear to a more dramatic evening flair, the Honest Beauty Clean Mascara stands out for its conscious ingredients and performance. Its shortcomings are minor, and with a bit of practice, easily manageable.

6. Grande MASCARA Waterproof

GrandeMASCARA Waterproof

If you’re looking for a mascara that can brave the elements without a smudge in sight, this might be your new go-to.


  • Truly waterproof and stays put throughout the day
  • Features a conditioning formula that doesn’t weigh down lashes
  • Easy to remove without causing lash fallout


  • Some tubes may arrive a bit dry, hindering smooth application
  • The price point is higher than some other options on the market
  • Can be clumpy if not applied carefully

When we tried Grande Mascara Waterproof, the first thing we noticed was the confidence it gave us to power through our day. It rained cats and dogs, but our eyelashes remained as impeccable as when we first applied the mascara. Its waterproof capabilities are impressive, living up to the promise of a smudge-free experience.

Our lashes looked defined and elongated with just a couple of strokes. More importantly, they felt light and nourished, thanks to the conditioning formula. We appreciate any product that doubles up on its duties, and this mascara’s lash-friendly nutrients added an extra layer of value.

However, we must admit, we did encounter the occasional clump, which means it takes a bit of finesse to apply just right. While the higher price might make you think twice, consider this: we didn’t have to double cleanse to take it off at the end of the day. Our lashes were grateful for the gentle removal process. Overall, Grande Mascara Waterproof stands a cut above in durability and lash care, for those willing to invest a little more.

7. Lancôme Définicils Mascara

Lancôme Définicils Mascara

We find this mascara perfect for creating well-defined, naturally elongated lashes.


  • Effortlessly glides onto lashes with no clumping
  • Resistant to smudging, ensuring a tidy look all day
  • Ophthalmologist-tested, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers


  • Premium pricing compared to other brands
  • Some users may prefer a mascara that provides more volume
  • Not the best choice for those who favor waterproof formulas

From our experience, the built-in brush on the Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara is a standout feature; it magically separates each lash, preventing the dreaded spider-leg effect. The formula is just right—not too wet nor too dry—giving you a smooth application every time.

The fragrance-free aspect of this product makes it our go-to for long days. It’s reassuring to wear a mascara that’s gentle and doesn’t irk our eyes, especially during those lengthy work hours or while out braving the seasonal pollens.

What also sets it apart is its staying power. We’re often running from one meeting to the next, and Lancôme Définicils ensures that we look as fresh in the evening as we did in the morning. It’s exceptional at staying put, without any annoying transfer beneath the eyes.

Rest assured, if in the mood for a minimal makeup day, a single coat of this mascara adds enough definition to make our eyes pop. Conversely, for more dramatic evening attire, layering the mascara up to three coats gives lashes remarkable length and definition without any clumps.

8. Covergirl Clean Fresh Collection

Covergirl Clean Fresh Collection

We’ve tried the Covergirl Clean Fresh Collection and it’s a game changer for anyone seeking vibrant lashes and brows without harsh chemicals.


  • Volumizing effect on lashes with a seamless application
  • Brow gel sets perfectly for a polished look
  • Products are cruelty-free and made with nourishing ingredients


  • May not satisfy those seeking waterproof formulas
  • The size of the wand could be cumbersome for some
  • Lip gloss may fall short for those who prefer intense hydration

Lasting volume with a clean touch—that’s what we get with this mascara. Lashes feel light, look fuller and exquisite, without the worries of nasty additives. Each swipe coats evenly; goodbye to clumps and flakes! The argan and marula oils add a nurturing aspect we absolutely appreciate.

Our brows never felt so tamed yet completely natural. The clear brow gel works wonders—keeping even the most unruly hairs in place for hours on end. It’s impressive how such a simple product can elevate our entire look.

And the gloss? A subtle shimmer with a non-sticky touch. It gives our lips a slight tease of color and a soft sheen we can’t resist. It doesn’t boast the deep hydrating qualities of more intensive balms, but for a light, everyday gloss, it’s more than adequate.

9. Burt’s Bees Nourishing Mascara

Burt's Bees Nourishing Mascara

We found this mascara to be a commendable choice for those seeking a natural, gentle lash enhancer that nourishes while it beautifies.


  • Includes nourishing ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Glycerin
  • Designed specifically for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Easy to apply with defining and lengthening effects


  • May not provide the same volume as synthetic mascaras
  • Can clump if not applied carefully
  • The longevity of wear may not be ideal for those requiring all-day durability

Upon trying this mascara, we observed that it goes on smoothly, separating our lashes well without feeling heavy. Its nurturing formula is evident immediately, our lashes feel soft, not brittle. The Black Brown shade offers a more natural look, which is fantastic for everyday wear.

We appreciate that Burt’s Bees has our eye health in mind. The natural ingredients provide a sense of comfort, knowing we’re keeping harmful synthetics away from our sensitive eye area. The mascara holds up fairly well through a regular day, although if you’re prone to tearing up or rubbing your eyes, you may notice some smudging.

We’ve noticed that while this mascara defines and elongates lashes, those seeking a dramatic, volumizing effect may have to look elsewhere. It’s more suited for a natural, understated look. The brush, while functional, occasionally gathers excess product—wiggle it at the base of your lashes to avoid clumps. Removal is straightforward with a gentle makeup remover, which means no harsh rubbing at the end of the day.

In our experience, Burt’s Bees Nourishing Mascara is a splendid pick if you’re shifting towards a more conscious beauty routine without compromising on a graceful, defined lash look.

10. ILIA Volumizing Mascara

ILIA Volumizing Mascara

Let us introduce you to the splendor of lush lashes without the harsh chemicals, perfect for sensitive eyes.


  • Amplifies lashes without irritation
  • Easy to remove with regular cleanser
  • Nourishes with every coat for healthier lashes


  • The full brush may challenge precise application
  • Can smudge under the eyes
  • May flake slightly throughout the day

After a long day, we long for a mascara that comes off as easily as it goes on. ILIA’s non-toxic formula grants this wish, making it a breeze to eliminate without endless scrubbing or the need for harsh removers. During initial application, we appreciate how the nourishing ingredients provide a gentle touch that nurtures our lashes to appear fuller and more voluptuous.

While it’s delightful to witness our eyelashes transform with such feathery volume, we acknowledge that some may find the fuller brush a bit cumbersome. This behemoth of a wand can make reaching the tiny lashes near the inner corner a delicate task. However, the sweeping effect on the rest of our lashes more than compensates for the extra care we need to take.

The real test of any mascara is its staying power; this one holds up fairly well but isn’t entirely infallible against the day’s challenges. Some of us noticed mild flaking or smudging, especially under the eyes. Yet, these minor caveats don’t overshadow the overall performance and the satisfaction of knowing we’re treating our eyes to something clean and conscientious.

11. Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara

Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara

We find this mascara to be a great choice for those seeking lush lashes without harsh ingredients.


  • Boosts lash volume effectively
  • Nourishes lashes with natural botanicals
  • Free from parabens, gluten, and artificial coloring


  • Not waterproof, may not be ideal for all occasions
  • Can wear off somewhat quickly
  • Some users may find the consistency dry

Upon applying Mineral Fusion’s Volumizing Mascara, we immediately appreciate the full-bristle brush as it glides through our lashes, noticeably amplifying volume. The rich, Jet shade imparts a natural yet striking look that’s tough to miss. The formula, replete with pure mineral pigments, does more than just beautify; it feels soothing, thanks to the infusion of vitamins and conditioning botanicals like White Tea and Aloe. After a long day of wear, we’re relieved that there’s no clumping or smudging, maintaining an elegant lash line from day to night.

Throughout various experiences, we’ve noticed the mascara’s non-irritating properties, making it a boon for our sensitive eyes. In an age where clean beauty is not just a trend but a health-conscious choice, this mascara stands up to the mark with its commitment to exclude gluten, parabens, and artificial colors. The fact that it’s cruelty-free further aligns with our ethics, leaving us feeling good inside and out.

Nevertheless, perfection eludes us; the mascara isn’t waterproof, so it’s less than ideal for tearjerkers or rainy days. Some may find the need for touch-ups to maintain the initial dramatic effect, noting a tendency to wear off over many hours. A handful of our peers also mention the formula can feel drier than expected, which does require a little more work during application to avoid the dreaded flaky fallout.

Overall, Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara holds its own in the realm of natural, nourishing eye makeup. Whether it’s for daily wear or a special night out, those seeking a healthier alternative without sacrificing performance are likely to be satisfied with this botanical-infused beauty booster.

12. P’nP Feathered Mascara

P'nP Feathered Mascara

We found the P’nP Feathered Mascara to be a delightful choice for adding volume with a gentle touch.


  • Effortlessly enhances lash volume
  • Appropriately sized applicator for younger users
  • Free from harsh chemicals and toxins


  • Not as dramatic as some conventional mascaras
  • May require multiple coats for desired volume
  • Specific to younger demographic

Experimenting with P’nP Feathered Mascara just lately has been quite the revelation. Its non-toxic formula gave a noticeable boost to my lashes without overwhelming them. The volume achieved felt like my lashes but fuller, which is perfect for everyday wear or for those just starting with makeup.

The applicator is thoughtfully sized, making it simpler to navigate the contours around smaller or more sensitive eyes. It’s certainly a well-considered feature for younger girls or those who might struggle with larger, more cumbersome brushes.

One of our favorite traits of this mascara is its commitment to safety; it stays clear of parabens, phthalates, and other common irritants. We’ve confidently worn it all day with no sign of irritation, a testament to its dermatologically approved formula.

Where it might shy away from standout drama, it makes up for with its buildable nature. A single coat leaves a natural finish that’s perfect for a subtle look. But don’t hesitate to layer up; two or three light passes can carve out a more defined presence, striking a fine balance between understatement and noticeable lash enhancement.

In sum, we believe this is a dependable and trustworthy option for those especially concerned about ingredient safety, perfect for teens or anyone with sensitive eyes on a hunt for an everyday mascara.

Buying Guide

Identify Ingredients

When selecting a non-toxic mascara, we closely examine the ingredients list. Our goal is to avoid harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and synthetic dyes. We look for natural waxes, plant oils, and mineral pigments that ensure the mascara is gentle on our eyes.

Key Ingredients to Consider:

  • Natural Waxes: Beeswax or Carnauba wax
  • Oils: Argan oil, Jojoba oil
  • Pigments: Iron oxides for color

Assess Performance

We prioritize mascaras that deliver the desired performance without compromising on health. Here’s what we focus on:

  • Volume: Mascara that provides thickness.
  • Lengthening: Mascara that extends lashes effectively.
  • Durability: Long-lasting wear throughout the day.
  • Clump-Free Application: Smooth application without lumps.

Packaging and Applicator

The packaging and applicator contribute to the ease of use and effectiveness. We opt for ergonomic designs for precise application, and packaging that keeps the formula from drying out.

ApplicatorShould be designed to reach every lash.
ContainerMust seal tightly to prevent drying.
SizeCompact for ease of carrying.


In this section, we answer common queries about non-toxic mascaras, emphasizing how they differ from traditional mascaras and the ingredients that signify a safe product.

How does non-toxic waterproof mascara compare to traditional ones?

Non-toxic waterproof mascaras are designed with a focus on eliminating harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional waterproof mascaras. We prefer formulas without substances like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic dyes.

While traditional waterproof mascaras can be effective at resisting water, they often contain harsh solvents for removal that may irritate the skin and eyes.

Non-toxic versions generally use gentler ingredients and natural waxes, which may require a bit more effort to remove but are kinder to the sensitive eye area.

What ingredients should you look for in a safe and healthy mascara?

When choosing a safe and healthy mascara, we look for natural ingredients such as beeswax or carnauba wax, which help with the mascara’s consistency and application. We also ensure the mascara contains natural oils like argan or jojoba, which condition lashes without the use of harmful preservatives.

To avoid allergens and irritants, we suggest avoiding mascaras with fragrances, parabens, and aluminum powder. Checking for a certification from recognized organizations like EcoCert can also be a good indication of a product’s safety and environmental sustainability.

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