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EcoFlow Delta Pro Review 2024 (PROBLEMS?)

EcoFlow Delta Pro

This power station offers versatile and portable energy solutions for off-grid camping, home backup systems, and reducing electricity bills through a combination of AC charging at night and solar generator usage during the day. Additionally, it can serve as an emergency backup solution and extend the range of electric vehicles by connecting them to the Delta Pro power station with the EV adapter. Excellent!

My EcoFlow Delta Pro Review Rating:

★★★★★ 4.9

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Having reliable power is essential, especially during outages or when off-grid. I recently had the chance to check and review the EcoFlow Delta Pro – one of the most powerful and versatile portable solar generators available today in 2024.

In this in-depth EcoFlow Delta Pro review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this solar generator’s features, real-world performance, pros and cons, and how it compares to competitors.

Here I will give you my unbiased opinion about it and its potential issues as an engineer and self-sustainability enthusiast. Let’s get into it!

EcoFlow Delta Pro Overview

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a portable lithium battery designed to store energy from solar panels, the grid, or a gas generator.

It has a large 3600 Wh capacity expandable up to 25 kWh and a 3600W pure sine wave inverter for powering appliances and devices.

Weighing 99 lbs, the Delta Pro isn’t lightweight. But it offers incredible power and versatility for home backup, RV and van life, off-grid use, and more. The rugged handle and wheels make transport reasonable for shorter distances.

This power station can be used for off-grid camping, home backup system, and more.

For example, some people are also using those to reduce their electricity bills. In fact, they would charge those power stations with AC during the night (when the electricity is less expensive) and then run on the solar generators during the day. Not bad!

In addition:

It is also possible to charge your EV by connecting it to the Delta Pro with the EV adapter. This can be used to extend the range of your electric car (if there aren’t charging stations available) or as an emergency backup solution.

Did you ever run out of power just a mile from a charging station? I hope not, but if it happens, and you have a Delta Pro with you, you will be able to top up your car battery to reach the charging station.

Top Features and Capabilities

Here are some of the Delta Pro’s most notable features:

  • 3600 Wh capacity – Massive battery storage for extended runtimes
  • Expandable to 25 kWh – Add Extra Batteries to increase capacity up to 25 kWh for extreme runtimes
  • 3600W pure sine wave inverter – Starts and runs even the most power-hungry appliances and tools
  • 6500W maximum charging rate – Recharges super fast from solar, AC, and other sources combined
  • X-Boost – Temporarily provides up to 7200W of extra surge power
  • Advanced battery management system – Actively monitors battery health for longevity and safety
  • LFP battery chemistry – 3500 cycle life for 10+ years of reliable operation
  • 30A Anderson output – Runs 12V devices efficiently without an inverter
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity – Use the smartphone app to monitor and control from anywhere
  • EV charging capability – Unique ability to recharge from electric vehicle charging stations
  • Integrated wheels and handle
  • Mobile app to remotely manage the device
  • Weight: 99 lbs
  • Size: 25 x 11 x 16 inches

Here’s a side view of the Delta Pro, where you can see the integrated wheels:

EcoFlow Delta Pro - Side

Here’s an overview of the Delta Pro power outlets and inlets:

EcoFlow Delta Pro - Front, Side & Back Panels

LCD Display

EcoFlow Delta Pro - LCD Display

Like all the EcoFlow power stations, the Delta Pro comes with a handy LCD display. On the color display, you can find all the key information for your solar generator, including battery level, time to fully charge, and input and output power.

With this impressive list of features, it’s easy to see why the Delta Pro is one of the most capable solar generators money can buy. The high capacity, powerful inverter, rapid recharge rates, and smart battery management provide an unbeatable energy solution.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Testing Review

To get a true sense of the Delta Pro’s capabilities, let’s see how this performs in real-world conditions!

Real-World Battery Capacity Test

Let’s see how the Delta Pro’s claimed 3600 Wh capacity fared in real-world applications. Here’s a handy test:

  • Fully charged the Delta Pro
  • Run a 6000 BTU RV air conditioner continuously until the battery is depleted
  • The air conditioner draws about 500W on average

The results? The Delta Pro can power the air conditioner for 6 hours and 30 minutes and deliver about 3300 Wh of energy.

This is an indication that this power station is very efficient and proves that the Delta Pro can easily run high-draw appliances like an RV air conditioner for hours.

Charging Options

With a battery this large, recharging quickly is important. Thankfully the Delta Pro offers rapid charging from multiple sources:

  • AC wall outlet – 0 to 100% in 2.7 hours with a 1800W US outlet or 1.8 hours with a 3,000W EU outlet
  • Solar – 0 to 100% in about 2.7 hours (1,600W max solar input)
  • Car cigarette lighter – 12V and 24V
  • EV outlet – 1.7 hours with a 3,400W charging rate at the EV charging station
  • Gas generators – can utilize EcoFlow’s Auto Start Generator for automatic recharging

The Delta Pro can even recharge from DC fast charging stations with an adapter. And all charging sources can be combined for even faster top-ups.

Let’s have a look at the most common charging options more in detail!

Solar Charging Speed

How quickly can the Delta Pro recharge from solar power? EcoFlow claims the 1,600W MPPT solar controller can recharge the battery from 0 to 100% in about 2.5 – 2.7 hours.

However, in real-world conditions, you can expect this to take longer, especially if there is some cloud in the sky.

While having 1600W of input from solar can be enough for a single Delta Pro, for sure it wouldn’t be enough if you expand this system up to 25kWh. In that case, you wouldn’t be able to recharge your system only from solar in a day.

AC Charging Speed

How long does it take to charge the Delta Pro from the AC wall outlet? Running at full capacity you can expect the battery to recharge in about 2h and 45 min (US power outlet).

However, keep in mind that if you have any other appliances running in your house, you may need to tune the Delta Pro charging settings down to avoid tripping your home’s electrical system.

In this case, the battery will charge more slowly (depending on the settings you choose) without causing potential issues.

In addition, reducing the charging rate of the power station will also improve the longevity of the battery, which will get less stress from the charging cycles.

Pass-Through Charging

A useful feature of the Delta Pro is AC pass-through charging. This allows connected devices to receive AC power while the unit itself is charging.

This works as expected, so you don’t have to worry about losing power on your PC or TV in case of a blackout while you were charging the power station.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter – Good For Your Music?

The Delta Pro’s 3,600W inverter produces a clean pure sine wave output, free of electrical noise. If you connect it to an audio amplifier and speakers, you will not detect any audible interference even at high volumes.

X-Boost: Overload Capability

EcoFlow’s unique X-Boost feature lets the inverter output surge beyond its rated wattage by lowering the AC voltage. This means that you can run power tools that require temporary loads for more than 3600W by simply turning X-Boos on!

The Delta Pro can sustain this overload for a few minutes before shutting down to protect itself.

While this short-term overload capability is useful for starting motors and power tools, EcoFlow warns against using this functionality for sensitive equipment as it can damage the devices. So as a standard, X-Boost should be kept OFF unless you need to run some specific items.

What Can You Power with the Delta Pro?

With high capacity and power output, the Delta Pro can handle loads that would trip most other solar generators. To give you a better idea, here are just some examples:

ApplianceRated Power DrawTested Runtime
Window air conditioner (6,000 BTU)500W (avg)6 hrs 30 min
Fridge/freezer (compact)100W (avg)30 hrs+
Microwave1,500W+2 hrs
Coffee maker600W – 1,200W3 – 5 hrs
Electric grill1,800W2 hrs
How long does the Delta Pro’s charge last when powering appliances

And running smaller items like phones, laptops, TVs or lights is no problem at all for the Delta Pro. You could easily power an entire off-grid home for a day or more without sunlight. This makes the Delta Pro one of the best solar generators for off-grid living.

The Delta Pro can power all these appliances without issue. EcoFlow’s runtime estimates shown on the LCD display are also very accurate.

Off-Grid Power System

If you are looking for self-sustainability, you can also set up the Delta Pro with 3 x 400W of solar panels and a Smart Generator (running on gasoline or propane) to create a complete off-grid power system.

You can set up the smart generator to kick in at the desired level, for example when the power station drops below 30% charge.

This configuration can keep all the essentials running indefinitely, even through multi-day cloudy periods. The Delta Pro is a phenomenal off-grid or backup power source.

RV and Van Life

The Delta Pro is perfect for your RV and van life, in fact, it has a 30A RV outlet where you can connect your shore power cable. With this, you can for example:

  • Run appliances like a microwave and air conditioner
  • Run a roof vent fan, lights, air conditioning, and 12V compressor fridge
  • Charge up to 3 MacBooks or laptops with the two 100W USB-C outlets

The Delta Pro can handle all these tasks flawlessly, proving it can easily power an RV or van when camping or living off-grid. The Delta Pro will keep you comfortable even in hot weather thanks to the air conditioner.

Does the EcoFlow Delta Pro Have any known problems?

Unfortunately, yes, some customers are having an issue with the DC power input detaching and falling inside the power station. This rare problem can be quite frustrating because then you will not be able to charge the Delta Pro using solar.

Ecoflow delta pro problem

Luckily, in those cases, the EcoFlow customer support is very helpful and will usually offer to repair the power station for you. Or as an alternative, they are also able to send you another Delta Pro (refurbished), so you don’t have to wait for them to fix yours.

While EcoFlow works to improve the design of the DC power input, if you want to stay on the safe side, I would suggest you get an XT60i male to female cable.

In this way, you can keep the cable always plugged into the Delta Pro, while you will connect the solar panels directly to this cable, without putting pressure on this weak spot of the Delta Pro.

Note that this flaw of the Delta Pro is quite rare and it’s likely that the company is already working to fix the design issue.

Expandable Battery Capacity

One of the Delta Pro’s biggest advantages is expandable capacity. You can connect additional EcoFlow Extra Batteries up to a massive total capacity of 25,000Wh.

That’s enough to run all of your appliances, including high-draw ones like A/C units for an entire day. And with lower-power devices, we’re talking weeks of runtime. It’s a great option for off-grid living or whole-home backup power.

The extra batteries recharge seamlessly along with the Delta Pro itself. Just note that those extra batteries are quite heavy as well!

Ease of Use

Despite its complex innards, the Delta Pro is fairly straightforward to operate. The front panel features an intuitive color touchscreen to monitor status. And the EcoFlow app lets you control and monitor the unit remotely.

Handy features like X-Boost, UPS/pass-through charging, and limiting the AC charging rate are all easily accessible. You can also aggregate and control the Delta Pro and Smart Extra Batteries as a unified system.

Noise levels

The new EcoFlow Delta Pro is really quiet, in fact, at max fans when pulling 3600W from the power station, the noise level is below 50 db from just a meter away. Not bad!

EcoFlow did a very good job to keep this solar generator very quiet. They improved the heat sinks and increased the size of the fans so that they have to run much slower to provide an adequate level of cooling. I can say that there’s definitively a well-designed cooling system for the EcoFlow Delta Pro.

The EcoFlow Solar Panel & Power Station Bundle

The EcoFlow Delta Pro and Solar Panel Bundle

To maximize solar charging speed, I recommend buying the Delta Pro bundled with EcoFlow portable solar panels. These folding panels come in a handy canvas case that doubles as a stand.

Simply unzip the case and it reveals a reflective backing to bounce extra sunlight to the rear of the bifacial solar panels. This noticeably increases their output compared to standard panels in my testing.

These 400W EcoFlow panels provide very good value for money when you consider their high efficiency and bifacial design. Plus MC4 Solar connectors make them compatible with the Delta Pro’s XT60 inputs with the bundled adapter cables.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0B1TCMZHZ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=snyep 20&language=en USecoflow delta pro solar generator

The only downside is that the fabric case is a bit cumbersome to set up compared to panels with built-in kickstands. But it’s a fair tradeoff for the added portability the soft case provides.

EcoFlow App Features

Connecting the Delta Pro to the EcoFlow app via Bluetooth or wifi gives you access to a suite of advanced features and controls. The app is very user-friendly and well designed overall.

Some of the key features include:

  • Gives access to all your EcoFlow product on one screen
  • Remote control from anywhere in the world (if your devices have internet access)
  • Remote powering on/off of the power station and inverter
  • Detailed graphs of wattage in/out, voltage, remaining runtime, etc
  • Ability to set charge/discharge limits to prolong battery life
  • Firmware updates
  • Warning/error notifications
  • Additional accessories and support links

The only downside is that connecting via Bluetooth limits the control range to around 30 feet. You can optionally connect over WiFi to control the Delta Pro from anywhere with an internet connection.

But the basic functionality works fine over Bluetooth within line-of-sight. Personally, I wouldn’t feel the need to mess with WiFi connectivity for my uses. The app is a nice perk but certainly not mandatory if you’d prefer to operate it offline.

Now, let’s summarize the pros and cons of the EcoFlow Delta Pro power station!

Pros of the EcoFlow Delta Pro

Here are the key benefits of the Delta Pro:

  • Amazing power capacity – Runtimes are outstanding thanks to the 3600 Wh lithium battery capacity
  • Powerful inverter – Starts even large appliances and tools up to 3600W
  • Very fast recharge rates – Unmatched speed charging from solar, AC, and other sources
  • Advanced battery management system – Actively monitors battery for optimal health and longevity
  • LFP battery chemistry – Provides years of reliable cycling compared to NMC lithium batteries
  • EV charging capability – A true innovation that adds charging flexibility
  • X-Boost – Temporarily provides extra surge power up to 7200W
  • Rugged handle and wheels – Makes transporting manageable despite the weight
  • Excellent tech support – EcoFlow’s customer service is responsive and helpful

For a portable lithium battery, the Delta Pro really excels in every area. The combination of high capacity, rapid recharge rates, advanced battery protection, and a strong inverter make it my top choice for a home energy solution.

Cons to Consider

However, the Delta Pro isn’t perfect. Here are a few downsides to keep in mind:

  • Heavy at 99 lbs – Difficult for one person to lift or carry far, despite the wheels
  • Only 1600W max solar input – Limits solar recharge speed somewhat compared to the AC charging rate
  • No 240V output standard – Requires the Double Voltage Hub accessory for 240V operation
  • Not Cheap – High upfront cost, though the value is very compelling and the device will last 10+ years

While not dealbreakers, the Delta Pro’s weight and only 1600W max solar input prevent it from achieving true portability and maximum off-grid portability optimization. The lack of 240V output may also limit applicability for some users.

How Does the Delta Pro Compare?

The Delta Pro’s closest competitor is the Blueetti EP500Pro. The Delta Pro supports a slightly higher power output, while the EP500Pro offers more battery capacity.

However, the Delta Pro, as of today, is the only one with EV charging capability. The EP500Pro does provide 240V output without requiring an accessory.

Compared to cheaper mid-power solar generators like the Jackery 1500 or Anker 757, the Delta Pro offers over double the capacity and inverter power. The Delta Pro is in a class above when it comes to home energy storage and whole-house backup.

Gas generators can’t match Delta Pro’s clean and quiet operation either. And the Delta Pro provides more versatility for powering sensitive electronics and using renewable solar energy.

Who Is the Delta Pro For?

With its tremendous power capabilities, the Delta Pro best suits these types of users:

  • Homeowners wanting reliable backup power or increased energy independence through solar
  • DIY solar enthusiasts building their own off-grid cabin or homestead
  • RV/van life travelers who need plentiful off-grid power for work or comfort
  • Professionals needing portable primary or backup power for job sites

The Delta Pro’s strengths make it an overkill for casual users needing just occasional backup power (those users would be better off going for a Delta 2 Max). But for anyone needing tons of off-grid power or whole home coverage, the Delta Pro delivers.

Is the EcoFlow Delta Pro Worth Buying?

For the right user, I believe the investment in the Delta Pro is completely worthwhile. The combination of high storage capacity, fast recharge rates, advanced battery protection, and a strong inverter is unrivaled.

The Delta Pro has already enhanced my off-grid solar capabilities compared to previous generators I’ve used. Despite the weight, I’ve been able to transport it to run power tools away from electrical outlets with ease.

While not cheap upfront, the Delta Pro provides the gold standard for portable solar energy storage and power delivery. Given EcoFlow’s reputation for quality and the 10 year lifespan, the Delta Pro is a purchase you can rely on for years to come.

If you need serious off-grid power for a home, RV/van, or professional use, the Delta Pro won’t disappoint. This top-tier solar generator can take you to true energy independence with the power of the sun!

The Verdict

This concludes my EcoFlow Delta Pro review, here’s my final rating for this power station:

My Review Rating: ★★★★★ 4.9

There’s no getting around the fact that the Delta Pro commands a premium price. It retails for $3,299 for the base package and climbs quickly if you add extra batteries and solar.

Despite that, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is an incredibly capable solar generator suited to whole home and off-grid usage. It has the grunt to power just about anything thanks to an enormous battery, high inverter capacity and multiple rapid recharge options.

Downsides like weight and price are byproducts of its substantial capacity. But for applications that need this level of off-grid power, I believe the Delta Pro is one of the best options available now.

So if you’re looking to invest in a powerful solar + battery system with room to grow, be sure to take a close look at the EcoFlow Delta Pro.

Reviewer: Simon

Simon is passionate about green technology, sustainability, and outdoor adventures with RVs and sailboats.

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How much power does the EcoFlow Delta Pro provide?

The EcoFlow Delta Pro has a 3,600 Wh capacity, expandable up to 25kWh with extra batteries. It has a 3,600W pure sine wave inverter for powering appliances and devices. The X-Boost feature can provide up to 7,200W of surge power.

How long does the Delta Pro battery last?

Runtimes vary based on power draw. For example, it can run a 500W air conditioner for over 6 hours. With lower-power devices like phones or laptops, runtimes are even longer – days or weeks.

How fast does the Delta Pro recharge?

It can recharge from 0-100% in around 2.7 hours when connected to AC power. With 1,600W of solar input, recharge time is approximately 11 hours. Charging sources like AC, solar, and generators can be combined for even faster charging.

What can you power with the EcoFlow Delta Pro?

The Delta Pro can power appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, and power tools. It’s also great for off-grid cabins, RVs, vans, and more. With extra batteries, it can even power a whole home.

Is the Delta Pro good for solar power?

Yes, the Delta Pro works very well solar-powered. A full array of 1,600W EcoFlow portable solar panels can recharge the Delta Pro completely in about 2.5-2.7 hours. Solar and AC charging can be combined for even faster recharges.

Can the Delta Pro power sensitive electronics?

Yes, the pure sine wave inverter provides clean power, safe for electronics like phones, laptops, TVs, etc. without any interference.

What’s the Delta Pro battery Lifespan?

The LFP battery chemistry provides 3,500+ cycles for more than 10 years of life. EcoFlow batteries maintain 80% of their original capacity for the duration of their lifespan.

Is the Delta Pro loud when running?

No, the Delta Pro operates very quietly. EcoFlow redesigned the cooling system so the fans only need to run at low speeds for quiet operation.

Can the Delta Pro be used for off-grid living?

Yes, with the Delta Pro’s high capacity and rapid recharge rates, it works very well for off-grid cabins and homes when paired with solar panels. Extra batteries can provide days of backup during poor weather.